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DH DLA aware has been changed.

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misdee Wed 13-Apr-05 08:58:46

he now gets high rate care and mobility.

and mieow dont tell i put this up as he doesnt want everyone knowing his affairs lol. but am happy, as its makes things a bit easier.

Potty1 Wed 13-Apr-05 09:02:21

That's great news misdee, shame he has to be this sick for them to take notice.

misdee Wed 13-Apr-05 09:03:29

i know, makes me angry. but they have awarded it for 4.5yrs as well. we were late sending the form back as i went to have a baby, s lost out on 6 weeks of award, but we're not that bothered.

lockets Wed 13-Apr-05 09:03:36

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 13-Apr-05 13:09:45

apparently we should get a top up of income support as well(probably around £0 per week). very handy for paying for dd2 to go to nursery. might give her a bit of stability in her life.

sparklymieow Wed 13-Apr-05 14:01:41

Woooooooo!!! WELL DONE!!

misdee Wed 13-Apr-05 14:02:58

meant to say top up of income support will be £30ish i guess.

Gwenick Wed 13-Apr-05 14:04:04

About flipping time! Well done

Easy Wed 13-Apr-05 14:19:35


Now he gets higher rate of care, it opens the door for other benefits too. Are you aware of them.

I believe the disabled living foundation has a scheme among others, as well as other govt benefits. Our district council has a 'benefits rights advisor' who informs of such things. Might be worth ringing your council to see if they have one.

sparklymieow Wed 13-Apr-05 14:22:51

easy, misdee's dds are on high rate care so I think she does know what she can get, tho. is it differnce for adults??

lou33 Wed 13-Apr-05 14:47:14

misdee, give the benefits enquiry line a call, they can tell you all the disability benefits you are entitled to and what your I.S should now be

Tel: 0800 88 22 00

misdee Wed 13-Apr-05 16:07:47

i did some calculations on the DWP site, but i came up with £100 per week extra. am certain that isnt right .

the IS forms are being sent out in the post. dh says to get it paid to my account as i'm the one who has to deal with things when he is hospitalised.

lou33 Wed 13-Apr-05 16:55:37

they are v good misdee, I know someone who found out that their IS had been underpaid by £40 a week for about 2 years! They got a nice back payment when the IS realised they had messed up.

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