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Can I have little rant please?

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Bossanova Sat 05-Apr-03 00:38:57

I read about the competition to win a family holiday with Sunsail on Mumsnet and thought it sounded great. Raving on about the kids clubs, great for families etc etc. Then I read the smallprint: holiday must be taken in 2003 but NOT during school holidays!! Are they seriously saying that if we are the lucky winners we have to take our child/children out of school? This is at least the second competition I have come across like this, where they are specifically aimed at families but have this 'not in school hols' stipulation, the other one was in a catalogue of child products for a Mark Warner holiday. I think that if they are going to offer holidays for families they should at least give us the option of going in the school breaks so that we don't have to take our kids out of school. Still, I probably wouldn't have won anyway!

Clarinet60 Sun 06-Apr-03 13:12:56

I agree, it's totally mental. Especially with the recent news coverage criticising parents who take children out of school.

XAusted Sun 06-Apr-03 14:14:48

That's really annoying. I've got a voucher for free admission to a kids soft play place. But it can't be used at weekends or in the holidays. Thanks for nothing!

oxocube Sun 06-Apr-03 15:56:08

Rant aside, can I congratulate Willow2 on winning!!! Am green

Demented Sun 06-Apr-03 17:52:48

Totally jealous too! I would have quite happily taken DS1 out of playgroup!

robinw Sun 06-Apr-03 19:54:59

message withdrawn

willow2 Mon 07-Apr-03 00:06:27

Just realised that I have won the competition and am now going mental.
Get the point about school holidays, but fortunately ds isn't at school yet so no problems there!
Thank you for kinds messages. Am off to find out more.

Batters Mon 07-Apr-03 06:56:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScummyMummy Mon 07-Apr-03 07:28:26

FANTASTIC!!!! Hope you have a superb time! Not being cliquey but it's lovely when someone you recognise and like wins a great prize. Have a wonderful time, Willow family.

willow2 Mon 07-Apr-03 08:53:53

aah that's very sweet scummy xx

Bossanova Tue 08-Apr-03 00:49:05

Just seen this Willow, congrats to you. Have a great time safe in the knowledge that you don't have to worry about school just yet!

Clarinet60 Tue 08-Apr-03 16:24:08

congrats willow, have a supa-dupa time!

Meanmum Tue 08-Apr-03 16:26:52

Can you believe I was jealous when you won. Completely unreasonable as I didn't even enter. Very happy for you and hope you have a ball. My next thought after the jealousy was I bet they deserve it and definitely need it.

ks Tue 08-Apr-03 16:32:01

Message withdrawn

willow2 Tue 08-Apr-03 21:12:48

Thank you chapesses. Am just waiting to find out if it's a resort of our choice - they are in Greece or Turkey and call me a big fat chicken, but I don't fancy Turkey much at present.

willow2 Tue 08-Apr-03 21:14:34

You're a big fat chicken.

Sorry, had to get it in before anybody else did.

Anyway, am very excited. Have never sailed before but fancy giving it a go - especially as it's free. Anyone Sunsailed it already and got any advice?

crystaltips Tue 08-Apr-03 21:22:55

Yup - I have Sunsailed and likewise had never done it before.
a ) take kit that can get wet.
b ) good pair of "boat-shoes" ie with rubber soles
c ) Good books ! On our first week it was fine - as I was out on a boat all on my own. BUT 2nd week, DH wanted to sail together - some sort of bonding thing - he ( being skipper ) capsized me twice in half an hour so I retired to the pool never to be seen again. Couldn't have planned it better
d ) Give Windsurfing a go!
e ) don't drink too much.

Have fun

Rhiannon Tue 08-Apr-03 21:46:25

Well done, you lucky thing. I won a tin of biscuits at a quiz night raffle recently!

bossykate Wed 09-Apr-03 07:26:25

well done, willow! i'm so jealous! not that we could go in the restricted times anyway. now i notice that it is for two adults and two kids, but don't worry, i'll lend you mine for the week...

Marina Fri 11-Apr-03 20:48:58

Oh, you lucky things, Willow. Have an excellent time!

willow2 Fri 11-Apr-03 22:51:49

I booked it today - I am so excited!

sb34 Fri 11-Apr-03 22:56:06

Message withdrawn

Bossanova Sat 12-Apr-03 00:27:28

I've won a fridge!! - so I'm not feeling quite so ranty now. Now I've got a dilemma though - do I keep the brand spanky new one and sell my 3yr old one or sell the new one and treat the family(or just me, ha!) to something nice? Ho hum.

tigermoth Sat 12-Apr-03 09:59:09

willow, congrats! and bossanova, congrats, too. Don't know the answer to your dilemma - but it's a nice one to be in anyway.

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