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Macdog, Jenn, Worley, Voods...we know who we are

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Macdog Fri 20-Feb-09 15:44:20

This better?

Macdog Fri 20-Feb-09 20:41:53


Jennster Fri 20-Feb-09 20:43:22


worley Fri 20-Feb-09 20:44:17

lord, we'll all get lost!! lol
so, if my tues no one else is here im going to come looking for you allgrin

worley Fri 20-Feb-09 20:44:57

ok then only icecreamy to arrive

worley Fri 20-Feb-09 20:47:30

for lunch today i had a cheese and potato pasty from bakers oven, i think they are also known as gregs bakers some places. it was yummy yummy yummy, then a carmel iced finger donut, yummy yummy yummy.
then for tea ds1 ds2 and i just had chinese.and an apple each grin to make up for the days naughtyness.

Macdog Sat 21-Feb-09 08:25:25

dh and I slightly overindulged the vino last night blush

worley Sat 21-Feb-09 19:54:29

jenn, i was wondering about something. well, i had that steroid inj in my knee about a month ago and it dawned on me last night, as i was trying to sleep, if that would have anything to do with no monthly, so i looked in my BNF, its oldish though (sept 03) and looked up steroids, now im not sure exactly what is was just im assuming it is classed as intra-articular in to my joint space. anyway, looking up steroids i read that they can alter menstrual irregularities and amenorhoea. so i cant remember what steroid it was and i think it was 50ml.
would it take only that small amount to have an effect on me?
i might go see the consultants secretry and see if i can ask him on monday maybe.
or am i making this up??

worley Sat 21-Feb-09 19:55:31

and envy at md!!

Macdog Sat 21-Feb-09 21:05:28

hangover subsided shortly after trip to KFC grin

We are child free tonight as well. dd at PIL. We've been running ragged trying to do stuff all over and didn't think it was fair to make dd hold in pee in car.

she has deffo cracked this toilet malarkey <fingers crossed>

Local JJB sports shop had a sale rail - got dd loads of t-shirts, jogging trousers, a showerproof jacket and a mini Scotland rugby kit for very little money grin

Macdog Sun 22-Feb-09 10:08:20

nom nom nom....had pancakes, bacon and maple syrup for brekkie!

IceCreamy Sun 22-Feb-09 14:43:19

ahhhh Macdog not in the least upset/offended...
just wondering why you were being all mysterious...........

so are we all here now?

ok. good.

IceCreamy Sun 22-Feb-09 14:45:11

I am fashionably late!!


IceCreamy Sun 22-Feb-09 14:46:21

ok. Have lost 3lb in a week doing food focus.


basically Ive just cut out a lot of the crap I was indulging in without really tasting it!

Now off to read the sunday papers before the LO's get up from their nap

IceCreamy Sun 22-Feb-09 14:47:08

I havent had a KFC for ages, we havent got one anywhere near our house.envy

worley Sun 22-Feb-09 16:16:11

we have fads on kfc. will go months and months without it and them will just fancy it one night, then will go months and months again. maybe twice a year we have it. i was out off with the mouse story mnay years ago and not been able to face it really.
mind you the mcdonalds story around here only put us off for a few months before we went back grin boths ds's like a plain cheeseburger happy meal.

i bet jenn doesn't eat macdonalds thoughhmmwink

worley Sun 22-Feb-09 16:20:38

been to my cousins daughhters christening today, was a really nice service, i discovere that my great grandad was a methodist minister. i just thought it was my grandad that decided to go to the church after my nanny died, i didnt ever know there was this big history behind it all, anyway, these elderly people came up to us and told us how my great grandad put them on the road to christanity many years ago when they were very little at sunday school, and there was even a plaque up about him. Was very bizarre.
took some pictures of all the great grandchildren for my grandad whos in hospital at the moment, there are 14 ggc now! ranging from 16 years to 10 months. and he remembers all their names, not bad for a 91 year old!

worley Sun 22-Feb-09 17:23:32

was reading that thread about people first posts on mn, here is our very first bitten nipps thread, i even got a bit emotional reading the first few posts! i put my 20 week ds2!!! he is nearly 3 now sad

worley Sun 22-Feb-09 17:34:02

pmsl, voodoos ideas for new thread titles in 2007
'uppo the duffo again-o'
'our thread, keep out'
'no MN loonies allowed'
'no-one here shops at Boden or wants to meet you in London'
'we hate housework'

you should be in stand up you knowgrin

Macdog Sun 22-Feb-09 18:56:35

OMG! forgot how it all began! shock

Seems like a lifetime ago

had brilliant child free day today

Macdog Mon 23-Feb-09 12:28:31

right, that's my Clubcard deals done for my Hols - Blackpool here we come!!! grin

IceCreamy Mon 23-Feb-09 15:22:41

aaahhhhhh I remember those days when I just had one baby and seemed to be constantly ill!! Now I have 2 and we are all constantly ill......
ds had a temp of 39.4 yesterday, seems much better today so so so grizzly teething, dribbling aboput 1 litre of slime every few mins. the kids' cousin has got hand foot and mouth so am watching mine for symptoms, theyve both been very off colour, but they are both teething; dd getting her big back molar. poor kids!!

we all went to a new playgroup today jeez had to be there for 0930 so we all had a very quick breakfast. food focus still going well, this time next week I could be under 14s for the first time in a year!

oh Macdoggie-ding-dong-doodle-doo I remember calling you all that, seems like only yesterday...

Its funny how we all seem via our posting style, I seem completely disorganised and unprepared, Worley seems normal,balanced Macdog very friendly, and Jenn very together and in control.

IceCreamy Mon 23-Feb-09 15:23:53

actually Jenn, I picture you and your family like the Good Life sitcom!

IceCreamy Mon 23-Feb-09 15:24:54

digging for victory

worley Mon 23-Feb-09 17:22:41

far from normal though, you lot keep me sane as have no one else to moan to!!!!!!

ds1 woke me up being sick at 2am, so i got up to help him then realised i was naked and didnt have my nightie on (as my tumble dryer broken and im really behind on the laundry, so didn't have one to out on) so i said to him, hang i'll be back in a minute and had to quickly go put a tshirt on to cover up. i dont think he really wanted a naked mother helping!! but he hung over the loo being sick then managed to stand and wash his mouth in the sink before being sick again and then just collapssed on the bathroom floor, i left him there for a while as he is wayyyy to big for me to carry him and there was no way im lifting him back in his cabin bed. but he got there in then end.

and while this is all going on ds2 is crying and screaming 'cause he was awake by now too and he wanted me to hold him.

some how i made it up to work in the morning and organised dp to have tomorrow off work so he can have him and i have now got weds am off to have him, he should be able to go back to school then.

fecking children, why couldnt he of been ill in half term holiday ????

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