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Martin Lewis says to go down a quality stage in your shopping... I urge you, do NOT try out the value range of.........

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Flamesparrow Fri 20-Feb-09 08:29:09

tea bags!

It is NOT a good saving. Tastes like hell in a bag.

pavlovthecat Fri 20-Feb-09 08:32:18

I shall add - do not buy value pizza bases.

When you go to use them, they are likely to be mouldy, and result in an urgent trip to sainsburys to buy replacement ones grin

Ivykaty44 Fri 20-Feb-09 08:38:05

Thank you for that - worth knwoing as I never ever drink tea grin

Make my own pizza base in the bread machine and use basic spag bog sauce as the tommy sauce layer as a jar will do three pizza bases - cost one bag white flour 99p and spag bog sauce 99p for three three pizza

Polgara2 Fri 20-Feb-09 08:40:45

Oh goodness yes, I tried value tea bags - felt positively ill.

May I add don't bother with asda's smart price tomatoes unless you are using them the same day - I have just thrown out a lovely furry set!

Bucharest Fri 20-Feb-09 08:43:46

Teabags taste like sand and grit in a bag I'd say. Coffee ditto.

Flamesparrow Fri 20-Feb-09 08:45:04

Right so no to value:

Tea bags
Pizza Bases

@ those who are anti-tea in general!

DanJARMouse Fri 20-Feb-09 08:45:14

value cereals are rank too.

Best value stuff for us has to be tinned tomatoes!!!

DanJARMouse Fri 20-Feb-09 08:45:53

but we shop at morrisons or tescos - not asda!

Flamesparrow Fri 20-Feb-09 08:47:44

Ooh yes tinned tomatoes are fab.

DC seem to have no issue with value baked beans, which is good, same with tuna (I've not tried either yet).

I should be saying smart price tbh - mine are Asda, but pretty much they are the same in tesco or asda.... not tried morrisons.

Flamesparrow Fri 20-Feb-09 08:48:28

we have dropped to asda own cereal, which is ok. Not the smart price though

dancingonmice Fri 20-Feb-09 08:51:28

Isn't it much cheaper to buy leaves and use a teapot? Not sure f that is still the case for one cup at a time.

MrsBadger Fri 20-Feb-09 08:52:14

but I have to report that Tesco Value breaded fish fillets thus are completely passable

MrsBadger Fri 20-Feb-09 08:53:10

but the Bird's Eye cheapo frozen fish fillets thus are not

DanJARMouse Fri 20-Feb-09 08:57:23

value choccy biscuits are ok.

own brand cereals are fine - except DH who insists on kellogs crunchy nut cornflakes.

Tesco are now doing "discount brands" which are very nice actually. SLiced ham, tomato ketchup etc. Also use the discount brand dishwasher 5in1 tablets which are only £3.49 for 40, much cheaper than finish etc.

also use value tin foil and microfibre cloths.

Flamesparrow Fri 20-Feb-09 09:00:52

Dancingonmice - not going that far in my quest to save money

kiddiz Fri 20-Feb-09 09:03:08

Value orange juice is fine too. My family can't taste the difference between it and the more exensive stuff...Although it's not on a par with freshly squeezed juice which my dcs won't drink 'cause it has 'bits' in it!

MrsBadger Fri 20-Feb-09 09:03:20

but do not buy the value brand (Creamfields) Emmenthal


dancingonmice Fri 20-Feb-09 09:03:57

We all have our limits!

Trying to convince DH to downgrade on Ketchup but is not working so far.
I bought those cheapo birds eye fillets (cold shiver).

anchovies Fri 20-Feb-09 09:05:11

Don't get tesco market value mushrooms either, they make black slop when cooked.

MrsBadger Fri 20-Feb-09 09:06:00

Tesco: 65% fish
Bird's Eye: 47% fish

I think 50% is probably critical mass

MrsBadger Fri 20-Feb-09 09:06:46

NB if he is insisting on Heinz ketchup the cheapest way to buy it is in the small glass bottles

weird but true

mollyroger Fri 20-Feb-09 09:07:18

asda value rice crispies are fine!
Value choco digestive bars are also a biscuit barrel standby in our house. And we had an asda value cheesecake which, with the addition of a home made raspberry couli sacue was fab!

Avoid Asda smart price cheese spread at all cost. it tastes like sweet engine oil....

dietstartstomorrow Fri 20-Feb-09 09:07:54

I just don't agree with M Lewis on this one.

I would rather buy good quality food, and save money elsewhere.

dancingonmice Fri 20-Feb-09 09:08:31

Interesting...would probably encourage him to use less due to increased effort of getting it out of bottle. Good tip.

mollyroger Fri 20-Feb-09 09:08:49

oh and asda smart price frozen rasp ripple mousses are postively lovely shock

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