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Ideas for School Fayre

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THERESA Fri 04-Apr-03 13:44:12

We're starting to discuss plans for our school Summer Fayre and wondered if anyone had any simple but good ideas for new stalls that would have a fairly small outlay? Succesful ones in the past have been 'guess the number of sweets in the jar' and 'guess the name of the cuddly toy' etc. can anyone come up with anything different?

Lindy Fri 04-Apr-03 14:55:27

Can't do links but if you look in the archives there was quite a lot of ideas on a 'fund-raising' thread.

Hope this helps.

helenmc Fri 04-Apr-03 17:25:06

look on bakerross they have great prizes for 10-20p each

helenmc Fri 04-Apr-03 17:30:01

did a post instead of preview -
we did hoopla over jam jars, ping pong balls into jam jars, and throwing rich tea biscuits (furtherest wins ), the pick a lolly went down a treat as well.
Robinw has soem brilliant ideas - like jarola.

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