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My claim to fame this week is......................

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Polgara2 Tue 12-Apr-05 09:55:19

.............that I met Gordon Brown and Tony Blair in the park yesterday!!!! Now I didn't actually know I was going to do that and I am not saying it with any political bias whatsoever because I haven't made my mind up who to vote for yet. Have to say, that we only went because dd2 wanted to see the helicopters that they came in , which we had just been told about at the school gates. So there I am carrying dd2 and her discarded ice cream cone when they suddenly appeared and I was in between them and the helicopters! Shook their hands whilst juggling dd2 and ice cream. Have to say Gordon Brown appeared more friendly in that he asked about dd2 and said she was lovely (which of course she is!) (and yes I know its in his best interests to appear friendly), whereas Tone just said hello and looked harassed. Anyway there you, I go didn't expect that when I got up yesterday morning.

FastasleepTheInsomniac Tue 12-Apr-05 10:00:41

Ah you should have 'dropped' the ice cream!

Polgara2 Tue 12-Apr-05 21:08:37

I nearly did!!!

RTMTMML Tue 12-Apr-05 21:09:53

Did the press take your photo????????

Gwenick Tue 12-Apr-05 21:14:55

Cool - as for their reactions - one would have THOUGHT that 'family man' Tony 'should' have been the more 'receptive' towards children.................... And you'll all probably agree us mum's (And dads) can generally 'tell' when someone is being genuine or not

Polgara2 Tue 12-Apr-05 21:14:57

Didn't see any press - but then I wasn't looking really. Watched all the news that day and they barely mentioned where we were - hmmphh! They follow him with cameras everywhere else but oh no not when I'm there or possibly depending on whether it would have been a good piccy or not - probably not coz it was a bit windy .

Libb Tue 12-Apr-05 21:24:05

My claim to fame this week is that I endorsed a certain actor's driving licence - and he had a few points on there already, this was his last strike so to speak!

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