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should he be wearing shoes

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samanthajm Tue 12-Apr-05 00:48:35

My son is just over 8 months old and is now trying to walk. Ive put him in babywalker a few times and a little car he has but im wondering if he should have proper shoes on so it encourages him to use his whole foot rather than toes.He has a high instep so probably should be measured. are they meant to be in shoes at this age as he wears booties.

colditz Tue 12-Apr-05 00:50:26

No, no shoes, just bare feet. they are not supposed to be wearing shoes at this age, the bones in their feet are too soft.

samanthajm Tue 12-Apr-05 00:54:24

Thanks for that. I did think that but people tell you all different and didnt like to ask hv incase she thought i was daft. So what about babywalker i thought they shouldnt be put in this because it encourages them to go onto their toes if they havent got shoes but was pressurised into putting him in one today

colditz Tue 12-Apr-05 00:58:33

Who pressured you into it? To be honest I would say no to the walker too, it's not really necessary and can make them think they only have to use their toes. If he is wanting to walk, just let him play on the floor near your sofa, and he will pull up when he is ready, or he might crawl. I chucked our walker at 7 months because ds started crawling, so no point!

samanthajm Tue 12-Apr-05 01:01:19

family and friends did as he was getting frustrated but he didnt seem to want to try and get on his feet himself but when you held him he was trying. I was going to use it for limited way he will crawl, hates being on his get such conflicting advice.

colditz Tue 12-Apr-05 01:06:05

I know. Is the walker adjustable? Cos if it is, you could lower it to a level where he can put his foot flat on the floor, that wouldn't be bad.

I remember how frustrated my little boy got before he learned to move himself, he used to scream with rage. All the advice you get is different, and the hv will only tell you something she has been told to tell you anyway, you never get their real opinion!

samanthajm Tue 12-Apr-05 01:07:52

yeah it has and its at its lowest. he could put his whole foot down but chooses not to. Mind you today was the first day so he may not have yet figured out what to do.Yeah mentioned babywalker to hv and she ranted about hip dislocation etc

colditz Tue 12-Apr-05 01:11:19

Don't think hip dislocation has much to do with anything!

Everything in moderation, I say. She's probably on about babies who are the youngest in a family of 8, and sit in the walker til mum notices there's an empty bed.

I don't think 15 minutes in a walker is going to harm any healthy baby!

samanthajm Tue 12-Apr-05 01:13:47

thanks i did think the same but when your hv is overreacting it makes you sit and think and i wasnt sure about the shoe thing as ive seen babies the same age with proper shoes on so i had a little doubt. Thanks for your help. suprised there was a mum still awake.thanks

colditz Tue 12-Apr-05 01:19:40

I don't think there is any point putting shoes on a baby who doewsn't walk outside really. It is a very expensive way to look coordinated, cos to get decent tiny's shoes, you have to spend a fortune, and they go up half a shoe size about every six to eight weeks!!! so if you go to clarks, it will cost you £30 every 6 weeks!!!!!!!

And if you don't pay at least that much, the leather is too hard and you can't get a decent fit, it's not quite so important when they are bigger, but at that age the bones are so soft that stiff shoes can move them.

So you could put him in shoes and he will be fine, but it'll cost a bomb and he probably won't really need them for 6 months, so if you don't you could save yourself £90!!

colditz Tue 12-Apr-05 01:21:03

Nite nite anyway, been nice chatting to you.

samanthajm Tue 12-Apr-05 01:21:38

yeah seems pointless. I would have only bought if i thought he needed them for development. He enjoys the freedom with just his socks etc. thanks for the advice

samanthajm Tue 12-Apr-05 01:27:47

you too. nite

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