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Where is the best place to get a Victorian diamond from??

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dropinthe Mon 11-Apr-05 14:20:39

I need to replace one, maybe two in my engagement ring-approx 70 years old??

dropinthe Mon 11-Apr-05 15:48:18

Any ideas?

cod Mon 11-Apr-05 15:49:10

Message withdrawn

dropinthe Mon 11-Apr-05 15:50:05

I live in London-wouldnt know where to start on that one Cod.

nailpolish Mon 11-Apr-05 15:51:40

can yo take the ring to an antique jewellery shop and ask them fi they have a similar sized stone that would fit the gap? you maybe will have to buy another ring and they will take the stone out

they should be able to do it all for you

DillyDally Mon 11-Apr-05 15:52:56

What about Hatton Gardens?

dropinthe Mon 11-Apr-05 15:53:51

I thought Hatton Garden was all new stff

DillyDally Mon 11-Apr-05 15:54:56

Perhaps if you asked them, they may have the contacts in the trade to get hold of some? Not sure but worth a shot?

cod Mon 11-Apr-05 15:56:43

Message withdrawn

iota Mon 11-Apr-05 15:58:10

what's wrong with a new diamond? after all, all diamonds are millions of years old anyway.

nailpolish Mon 11-Apr-05 15:58:23

does it have to be an old diamond? just get a new one!

DillyDally Mon 11-Apr-05 15:58:58

There is the london diamond centre there and if they can't help you no-one can.

SaintGeorge Mon 11-Apr-05 15:59:52

Hirschfelds stock old cut diamonds for repairs. Plenty of jewellers do, just make sure you specify you want the replacement to match the age and cut of the original.

dropinthe Mon 11-Apr-05 16:05:53

Thank you Saint-have added that one to my faves and will call them.

Cod-your humour always gives me a giggle!!

Mud Mon 11-Apr-05 17:00:51

is it the diamond though that's 'victorian' or the setting?

if its a change in the cut, you can get them cut anyway you want from hatton garden I think

sounds worth a try anywy

dropinthe Mon 11-Apr-05 17:04:26

Defo the diamond-I got them set in a modern ring.

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