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How do you dispose of old PC's?

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Springchicken Mon 11-Apr-05 12:16:23

Have trid googleing this but not getting very far, and thought a wise mumsnetter may know the answer!

Have about 7 monitors and 5 Bases that i need to get rid off due them being no good anymore - anyone know if i can just take them to the tip or if they have to be disposed of in a certain way?


SC x

SaintGeorge Mon 11-Apr-05 12:18:52

They can be recycled for useable parts - various charities do it. Will try to find you some info.

SaintGeorge Mon 11-Apr-05 12:22:55

DS screaming for his lunch so haven't got time to siphon through all these for you, but hopefully can point you in right direction:

legal stuff about disposal - wouldn't normally apply to an individual, but worth considering because of quantity you want to dispose of.

Google search for recycling

Davros Mon 11-Apr-05 13:58:09

some charities will take them and refurb. much better than chucking

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