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doctors receptionists (again)

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misdee Mon 11-Apr-05 10:53:38

grrrrrrrrrrr.phoned the surgery for dh to have a home visit. Got a receptionist on the phone telling i'd called the wrong extension number (sorry!!), then asked me why dh needed a home visit. my reply?

'he has just been discharged from harefield, waiting for a transplant and cant walk that far'. FGS!! they know he has regular home visits.

BubblesDeVere Mon 11-Apr-05 10:54:35

bloody hell, what have they done? have they arranged for a doctor to come out and see him?

Hope he is ok and you are coping well.

misdee Mon 11-Apr-05 10:57:31

he was booked in for home visit. gp has called to see if its anything he can do over the phone (update meds etc). at least the GP is good.

misdee Mon 11-Apr-05 14:14:04

GP done it all over the phone, bless him.

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