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Words that make you want to go AAARRRRGGGH!

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Furball Thu 03-Apr-03 14:55:48

Anyone else got any words/sentances that make you mad? Mine's - Well of course he/she is so forward for their age..........

Nutjob Thu 03-Apr-03 14:59:46

Arrggghhhhh - I HATE that as well, one member of my family is always saying it and it is so condecending - does she forget I have kids too?!!!

doormat Thu 03-Apr-03 15:09:45


mum2toby Thu 03-Apr-03 15:19:32

I HATE it when people say "yada yada yada"!!! I know it's not offensive, but my god is it annoying!!


Oh and how about... "Nevermind, you'll lose the weight again after the baby's born" AAAAARGH! Yeah, sure coz I'll have loads of free time to go to the Gym.


Clarinet60 Thu 03-Apr-03 15:20:28

'Don't forget to put on his hat - it's cold outside' - uttered by an OLD LADY.
Well I'm glad you said that, because naturally, I was just about to strip him naked first, silly me...............

Clarinet60 Thu 03-Apr-03 15:22:06


'You soon forget.....' - pain of childbirth.

mum2toby Thu 03-Apr-03 15:30:26

"You have no money" - words uttered by my bank, regularly.... and believe me.... it's annoying!

myalias Thu 03-Apr-03 15:43:23

After my 2 ds have had an adventurous time playing at the park, birthday party, swimming pool etc. someone will always pipe up 'they'll sleep well tonight' - YEAH RIGHT.

Podmog Thu 03-Apr-03 15:50:55

Message withdrawn

zebra Thu 03-Apr-03 16:19:35

Being a foreigner, there are so many weird things the English say that drive me batty. Most of which have to do with subtle differences in word usage and context. DH says to the children "Keep off the garden!" But surely they are in the garden, so are hopelessly doomed to be "on" it? Of course, DH means, keep "off" the *soil*...

"The washing up" versus "the washing".

Why is "tea" both a drink and a meal, depending on time of day? How do I explain it to a 3yo?

And countless more. I keep saying to DH, "I struggle to figure out what you're talking about, why do you expect a three year old to understand you?"

ninja Thu 03-Apr-03 16:27:07

'It's not rocket science' - usually said about something that I would be less competant at that rocket science!

PandaBear Thu 03-Apr-03 16:34:33

"Touch base" - it annoys me every time someone says it to me.

Bugsy Thu 03-Apr-03 16:39:34

When people describe sex as "nooky" - just can't bear it. And apologies in advance to anyone who uses this sign off on e-mails but "Ta Taa For Now" or "TTFN" drives me nuts too. No particularly logical reason for either.

Jaybee Thu 03-Apr-03 16:50:02

Pandabear - I agree with 'touch base' highly irritating along with all the other quirky sayings that the corporate prats ramble on about!!

breeze Thu 03-Apr-03 16:52:04

Remeber when I used to work my manager used to use the term 'benchmark' and this drove me nuts as well as 'touch base'.

grommit Thu 03-Apr-03 16:53:32

when interviewers on TV say "I just caught up with so and so" - really annoys me. Also never liked the term 'poorly' to describe ill. The worst is I chap I used to work with who came in every morning and said '"how're you diddling" - I could have gladly strangled him daily....

amazon Thu 03-Apr-03 16:54:11

Any diminiutive kiddy words used by adults like
Ludicrous, repressed eupheumisms for genitalia/farting I know someone who calls farting " A noisy bottom" and her kids are 7, 5 and 4. (there's a good thread on this one!)
From a Bad tempered toad.

mum2toby Thu 03-Apr-03 16:54:39

Ninja - here's another good condescending one. "I'll try to explain it simply... it's all VERY complicated"


Gwynie Thu 03-Apr-03 16:54:57

When people say (particularly workmen) 'your', as in 'well, you got your boiler there, your socket there, ...'I REALLY hate that!

ks Thu 03-Apr-03 17:11:49

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 03-Apr-03 17:17:45

I'm sure I've mentioned the American "momentarily" on another thread. 'This transit will be stopping momentarily' What? It will stop for just a short while to allow me to leap off and best I be quick about it or will it actually be stopping "in a moment" or "shortly"?

snickers Thu 03-Apr-03 17:34:47

Millions of worky phrases, but that's behind me now... (after we've brainstormed with plenty of blue sky thinking, we'll run with it, but can we take this offlinenow, before going for the low hanging fruit, as long as you think outside the box, and don't try to eat the elephant..."


Builder saying to me "you'll be made up with that"


lou33 Thu 03-Apr-03 17:44:43

Agree with you Podmog, and also hate people peppering their converstaions with "you know what I mean" . I also hate the craze (at least here) for kids to end every sentence like it is a question. I am turning into my mum, I catch myself saying "speak properly" to dd1 ,who is almost 11, many times a day!

lucy123 Thu 03-Apr-03 17:47:34


particularly when it's said as *what*ever meaning "I can't be bothered to argue".

crystaltips Thu 03-Apr-03 17:53:24

Worky Ones ...

* Let's run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it !
* Singing from the same hymn sheet

Politicians ...

* the fact of the matter is....

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