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3 yr old just poured orange juice into the telly..............

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Mum1369 Wed 11-Feb-09 17:09:45

...actually into the grid part. It now smells terrible-that awful electrical smell. I have turned it off.
Will it dry out & work again - or do I need a new TV ???????????

TheInvisibleManDidIt Wed 11-Feb-09 17:14:59

Not an expert but I think that sounds like new tv time..

Mum1369 Wed 11-Feb-09 17:27:51

Oh dear - that is a nightmare. I daren't turn it back on now in case it blows up.... the kids are getting serious cebeebies withdrawals..

TheInvisibleManDidIt Wed 11-Feb-09 17:59:05

Your home insurance will cover it- have a portable one you can move into livingroom just now?

Mum1369 Wed 11-Feb-09 18:31:27

That's a thought. Thanks !

littlelamb Wed 11-Feb-09 18:39:25

You'd probably get a new one through Freecycle. There are always loads on ours and I offered my big one on there when my grandparents gave me their even bigger one and it took 4 days for someone to reply!

oldcrock Wed 11-Feb-09 18:45:23

Insurance will only cover it if you have accidental damage cover (expensive).

Recovery of the TV sounds doubtful - but you never know, dd1 once peed copiously onto an electrical item whilst potty training and it still worked once it had dried out!!! Ew!

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