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HELP! Present ideas for 7 yr old girl

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SaintGeorge Fri 08-Apr-05 18:18:19

Please wise ones of Mumsnet help me out.

I have 2 boys and no clue where to start on girls stuff. DS1 is going to birthday party on Sunday for his ex-girlfriend (he advises me that she dumped him yesterday but he is still invited to party, bless ) and I need to get a pressie.

In the region of £5 or less, I'm skint. I know absolutely nothing about the girl or her tastes so I'm hitting my head on a wall over this.


vict17 Fri 08-Apr-05 18:19:58

Anything to do with Bratz dolls. Crafty things like making bracelets etc go down well at this age.

sorrel Fri 08-Apr-05 18:32:54

Jaqueline Wilson Books.Especially Tracey Beaker or Jaqueline Wilson diary(£5.99) in sainsburys

vict17 Fri 08-Apr-05 18:34:24

also the Fairy series of books by Rosie Meadows

SaintGeorge Fri 08-Apr-05 18:36:39

Oooh books - I can do books!

Thank you ladies.

Any more ideas anyone?

tamum Fri 08-Apr-05 18:41:31

Hama beads, hair clips and bobbles, sets of pens?

tiddlypom Fri 08-Apr-05 18:41:38

Dd just turned seven and was given lots of arts and crafts stuff which went down v well, esp Window Art from Woolworths, her fave present of all time, she says, altho a cuddly toy alsatian has become inseparable from her too.

sorrel Fri 08-Apr-05 18:43:31

stickers,felt tips,drawing book, mini stampers, anything out of Claire's accessories for hair, bell for bike,magic tricks, joke book,bubble bath,feather boa, glitter,anything cute with a kitten on it or if she is like mine a Beano annual, chocolate in nay form......

KBear Fri 08-Apr-05 18:43:34

got a Hobbycraft near you? they have got lots of funky foam picture making kits and a million fantastic presents (and lots of those around the fiver mark).

psychomum5 Fri 08-Apr-05 18:49:32

My girlies love 'pretties' the most as pressies..(ages 6 - 9 - 11). In other words, Clairs accessories for pretty hair clips. They often have a sale rack filled with bits at under £1....I go quite often to stock up ready for party's. Last time I went I got loads of pretty girly handbags at 3 for £5, and some hair clip sets at 3 for £1 ready for pressies. That was less than a month ago too.

RTMTMML Fri 08-Apr-05 18:51:55

Hama Beads.

Craft kits from local toyshop about £3.99 +


Hair accessories.

Arts and crafts, paper, pens, gel pens etc.

All of which have been mentioned I'm sure.

SaintGeorge Fri 08-Apr-05 18:53:03

I love Mumsnet

Actually wasted an hour of valuable kid-free time trying to think up pressie ideas before thinking of posting on here. Duh!

Smashing ideas all, thanks. Usually I just have to buy anything with a football on - all this pink girly stuff is alien to me

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