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House move is all going wrong :(

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Hulababy Fri 08-Apr-05 12:35:28

The house move is all falling apart and I feel horrid.

Our buyer is getting a buy to let mortgage. However his mortgage company has said that they will now only lend him 50% of the total house rpice for this - because there are restaurants and a bar on the complex(!) so it is, in their opinion, a higher risk for them Why??? Who knows! It's a city centre apartment for god's sake :ranting - they knew this when they approved it in principle weeks ago.

So our buyer has to know raise the other 50% himself. He has told DH that he can do this, but that it will take him 2-4 weeks to do so.

We were supposed to move next Friday (having out it back for a week twice already - once for him, once for the people we are buying from). Now when will it be?

DH now has to phone up the people who we are buying from to tell them.

We have to phone the kitchen fitters to tell them to cancel our fitting (was due to be done on 2nd May). We have to phone John Lewis to conacel our washing machine order. We have to cancel the removal company (and get them to recollect all the boxes they brought over for us).

We could even lose our house over this.

And our apartment is so full of stuff now - DD'sbirthday was this week and she has toys to have outside - we thought it'd only be a week, but now it could be ages. We have a big bike in the hall way, we have a huge market stall and kitchen in the lounge.... I feel like I am going mad!

I just want to cry Can't - have DD to look after, but I feel lousy and helpless. there is nothing we can do about it at all. Everything is falling apart.

Anteater Fri 08-Apr-05 12:39:00

Mothernature Fri 08-Apr-05 12:42:20

Oh My God..even I am shocked at that, how come its taken the mortgage lender so long to say something or has your purcahser been stringing you along? Have you got an Estate Agent working for you or have you sold this property by yourselves? ...sorry I know It's a lot of questions, if you have an agent call them now, take their advice I'm sure they will suggest to put back on market, this should shake him up enough to get a move on afterall he will probably be thinking you can wait until he is ready. Have to go to work now but will be following this sorry Hulababy I hope everything sorts its self out asap..

vickiyumyum Fri 08-Apr-05 12:42:20

house moving is a very tryng time, it seems like either everything runs fine or theres one problem after another.
when we moved house (almost 2 yrs ago) we had 2 buyers pull out after not being able to get mortgages, when we had been told that they already had confirmed mortgages by our estate agents.
we finally got a good confirmed buyer, with a mortgage, surveys done, contracts signed ready to exchange and he went off on holiday to america for 4 weeks, leaving us having to tell the people that we were buying from that it was delayed by four weeks.
i know that none of this helps your situation, just thought that it might show you that its not only you, this happens a lot.
hope it all goes well and that you are happy in your new home

Mirage Sun 10-Apr-05 15:37:41

Oh Hulababy-I know how frustrating this is.I'd agree with the other posters & let your estate agent deal with this-let them earn their money!

I'd also be tempted to put the house back on the market.It may stir your purchaser into action & get him to find another mortgage lender or cough up the cash himself sooner if he thinks he may lose the house./

Hang on in there-it is just so awful when you think everything is settled & it all goes t*ts up.The guy we bought this house from did a similar thing to us.Told us he had found a house to move to,then after we had made the offer & had it accepted,it turned out that he hadn't actually lookied inside the house-just thought it looked nice from the outside.When he actually viewed it-it turned out that he didn't like it.Then he went on holiday for 2 wks,before resuming his house hunting.Eventually,with a week to go before moving day,he rang to say that could he have another few weeks as he wasn't sure if he could move in time.We threatened to pull out completely which concentrated his mind wonderfully!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do & keep us posted.

munz Sun 10-Apr-05 15:43:35

oh honey ((hugs)) I know how much u were looking forward to this as well, are the vendors happy to wait for u're guy? hopefully u won't loose ur house. can u get much money back from the cancelations or will they allow u to rearrange?

Hulababy Sun 10-Apr-05 18:36:50

We will know more tomorrow; waiting to hear back from our buyer. He is claiming to be able to raise 100% cash within the next 2-4 weeks. He said he would know more Monday (tomorrow). Once Dh has spoken to him, we will see what to do - and will tell the people we are buying from (DH couldn't contact the Friday).

We are thinking of setting our buyer a deadline. Trouble is apartments are not selling that quickly right now

Hulababy Mon 11-Apr-05 09:06:34

Buyer is still telling DH that he will have the monmey in 2-4 weeks but...

...I think we are going to put the apartment back on the market again too.

Will tell the people we are buying from today and see what they are going to do. We have come to the conclusion that selling the apartment is the most important thing. Much as we like this house we ware buying, there will always be other ones even if we lose this one. We are going to put the new kitchen on delay for now, and cancel the washing machine order. And I will cancel the removals today too.

Even willing to reduce price of apartment for quick sale too now.

Going to hate showing people round again though. DD's birthday has meant us having so much stuff in the apartment! I think when people come to view we shall have to just hide some of toys in the cars downstairs

Wish us luck!

LIZS Mon 11-Apr-05 09:11:05

What a hassle. Hope that kicks your potential buyers a**e into gear. The market may be slow but perhaps there are others looking for city centre buy-to-lets.

Good luck with the remarketing - could you put some of the larger items out on the terrace under a plastic awning to get them out of the way when people are due.

Hulababy Mon 11-Apr-05 09:45:16

Possibly. We will have to see.

I hate this selling business as you are so much in the hands of the estate agents. Just wish that there were others ways to sell to advertise it too.

gingerbear Mon 11-Apr-05 17:16:41

Oh Hula no!! How frustrating. You must be really down in the dumps now! All those plans...Fingers crossed that your buyer comes up with the money soon.

I hope you haven't lost out as a result (cancelled orders etc)

If I can help at all - storing stuff etc (we have two spare rooms), please let me know.

roisin Mon 11-Apr-05 17:22:52

Just seen this Hula
How frustrating for you!
No wonder they reckon buying/selling/moving houses is one of the most stressful things you can do.

I hope it all works out for you soon

Hulababy Mon 11-Apr-05 18:08:43

DH has spoken to the people we are buying from and at present they are sticking with us. The house they have bought is currently empty and very close by) - their sellers are now living in Spain and have already left. But they won't do that for long surely??? Dh will be speaking to our buyer again on Wednesday - he's a client od DH's at work, so he is in a really horrid position right now, as you can imagine

We are going to see what he has to say on Wednesday and will then decide what to do - apartment back on market, etc. but we will make sure he is fully aware of our plans and concerns.

Have cancelled the removal firm and they are coming to re-collect the boxes, etc. this week.

Have bought extra storage boxes for under DD's bed and rearranged her room - so it isn't too bad right now.

Going to try and persuade DH to go ahead and buy our new wardrobes and bed for our room anyway. Old wardrobes really need to go, as does chest of drawers. With new ones and a bed with storage we can hide more stuff better And I would like to get rid of DD's wardrobe (her hanging stuff will fit in my wardrobe) and replace it with a much smaller, covered shelfing unit - she can have clothes on top shelf, and smaller toys in baskets on the other two shelves.

Must remember to put an indefinite delay (or cancel?) new kitchen and appliances too.

Just want someone to come along and offer me xxx pinds for my apartment NOW Don't care if I don't make any profit at all on it anymore, right now.

Fingers crossed...

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