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Harry Potter - what one am I missing?

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ThomCat Fri 08-Apr-05 10:15:07

I tried looking at the official sites but my computer is too slow and I'm too impatient, so....

I've got Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone on DVD and I've got The Prisoner of Azkaban.

What is out on DVD that I'm missing> There's one between those 2 isn't there????

flamesparrow Fri 08-Apr-05 10:15:30

Chamber of Secrets

mrsflowerpot Fri 08-Apr-05 10:15:40

Chamber of Secrets is the second one

vict17 Fri 08-Apr-05 10:16:30

Chamber of Secrets

ThomCat Fri 08-Apr-05 10:17:16

Thank you very much.

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