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Help - I have no idea what to buy!!

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Polgara2 Thu 07-Apr-05 23:07:02

Can anyone enlighten me as to what films 14 year old boys are interested in? I only have any experience of girls under 8 . I am absolutely stumped - doesn't have to be a new release just a good one.

bubbly1973 Thu 07-Apr-05 23:29:12

would they be interested in star wars? or harry potter?

sorry not much help, dont have any 14 year olds in my life, but thought id bump this up and offer my suggestions

jampots Thu 07-Apr-05 23:30:30

Most teen boys I know (albeit 12-13) are into things like Little Britain etc. I would think HP would appeal to younger kids.

RTMTMML Thu 07-Apr-05 23:35:24

They like daft toilet humour type things like Meet the Fockers and chase films like The Italian Job. Well that's according to DH.

It really does depend on the child.

Polgara2 Sat 09-Apr-05 15:19:04

Oh dear how daft am I - had completely forgotten had started this - until realise still hadn't decided what to buy for this present..... Anyway thank you. What is Meet the Fockers about? Haven't heard of it. Not sure how lavatorial(?) allowed to be - I mean what would be considered too rude (or am I just a prude) (or a poet - hah sorry!!!). Anyway back at the ranch.......any more suggestions?

SecondhandRose Sat 09-Apr-05 16:07:40

I'm sure a 14 year old would appreciate Woolies vouchers or what about his favourite football team. Most of them have websites with clothing and gifts.

sunnyskies Sat 09-Apr-05 17:44:46

Vouchers for HMV or Virgin ???

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