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Being cheeky - 5% off..................

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Gwenick Thu 07-Apr-05 22:12:38

all products on this website

african trackwoods

if you quote "Goafrica"

also if you want anything off

this website also a 5% discount - but you have to contact 0845 644 7984 (or email ) to get a quote and order.

I know it's being REALLY cheeky - and I PROMISE that once the is fully up and running we'll pay £25 and advertise on the advert bit - but we're only just getting up and running - sales start tomorrow!!!!

Gwenick Thu 07-Apr-05 22:13:39

oops second link should be this

jampots Thu 07-Apr-05 22:15:56

my friend is from Zimbabwe Gwenick and hasnt been back since she left in 2000 - her parents have since moved to SA. I'll pass the site on to her - she may well be interested esp when she's feeling homesick

Justine (mumsnet) Thu 07-Apr-05 22:37:03

Oh go on then - got a hippo like that from Zimbabwe meself .

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 07-Apr-05 22:52:17

The furniture is lovely Gwenick.

Any ideas on how much those sofas are?

Gwenick Thu 07-Apr-05 23:25:19

Ta Justine

Newbarnsely girl - are you on about the ones on the resonanceonline website?

Gwenick Fri 08-Apr-05 12:10:33


The guide price for Resonance sofas are:

£1390 – 3 seater (Length 2100mm)

£1315 – 2 seater (Length 1700mm)

Prices will be more or less depending on requirements.

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