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Anyone got a great "April fools"

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doormat Tue 01-Apr-03 08:58:58

Hello, I am looking for any good April Fools Day pranks to play on my dp.He gets me every year but this time I want to get him.Any suggestions would be appreciated. P.S I can't use the "I'm pregnant" as I had a negative result yesterday.

eidsvold Tue 01-Apr-03 09:04:00

I had one today but it is not one you want to use - a very single friend of mine emailed to say hi and then told me she was pregnant. I did not know what to say and was madly thinking of the 'right' thing to say when I realised she had not signed off on her email so I scrolled down to get the April Fools.

Sorry can't think of anything and I wanted to get my dh.

sprout Tue 01-Apr-03 09:35:46

Had one by e-mail this morning to say that Belgium (where I live) had made a mistake and had put the clocks forward a week too early... To fit in with the rest of Europe, the clocks were going back again from tonight until the end of the week. Not very convincing, as we get TV from 6 other European countries here so you're aware of what's going on elsewhere, but you could always try it in the UK and blame it on "Europe".

SueW Tue 01-Apr-03 09:55:46

DD and I got DH last year - she went in carrying a cup of cold water *very* carefully and pretended she had brought him a lovely cuppa in bed Bit late for that now though.

GeorginaA Tue 01-Apr-03 12:00:04

In the kitchen this morning my ds (23months) pointed under the dresser and said very clearly "mouse!"

I panic and say "where?"

He says "hiding".

Now, he has a habit of saying things are there when they're not and then saying "hiding" when I ask where they are... however, we also have a mouse in the house (have heard it chewing at night) so am now absolutely paranoid.

Think he just gave me my first April Fool

SoupDragon Tue 01-Apr-03 12:01:05

I sent my sons to nursery in shorts this morning and it's now cold and raining - does that count as an April Fool or am I just a cr@p mother?

GeorginaA Tue 01-Apr-03 12:15:23

LOL SoupDragon

sprout Tue 01-Apr-03 12:53:20

LOL GeorginaA! We also had a mouse in the house a few months ago (dh wasn't going to tell me, but dd, then 2 1/2, was so excited she forgot it was meant to be a secret). Now every time dd starts to talk about the "mouse under the cupboard" I have a second's panic before asking her if she means now, or "a long time ago". Thankfully, she doesn't yet understand about April Fools.

mands1 Tue 01-Apr-03 13:47:38

My sister told me this at w/end.You go up to the person who you want to fool and straight faced say.

"do you know who's 3months gone???(hinting out it could be you)....(pause for effect).....................Santa!!!!"

That's if being pregnant is a option for you.

not brill but hey.

bubbly Tue 01-Apr-03 13:56:22

my dh came back from dropping ds at nursery with a letter from them saying they were sorry but that they were closing tomorrow at short notice. I went into overdrive as it has taken me months to sort out good chldcare we were 'all' happy with(and believe me my dds 1&2 have a load of input when it comes to looking out for 'their' baby boy).

I went stompning upstairs to rant and came down to find dh rolling around on the floor gasping.
Look at the date....

SoupDragon Tue 01-Apr-03 13:58:39

Did you whack him round the head with something suitable hard?

NQWWW Tue 01-Apr-03 15:14:14

One of my colleagues was ranting for hours re gentic modification this morning having seen an article in the paper about some company developing square peas so they wouldn't roll about so much - someone eventually put her out of her misery....

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