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How do you fly a kite?

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Demented Mon 31-Mar-03 23:08:21

I wonder if anyone can help us with the basics here (afterall someone on Mumsnet always knows ). We bought DS1 a kite and went down to the park to fly it on Sunday, thinking it was a fairly straightforward thing to do. The wind was reasonable although tended to come more in gusts then die down again, but it was windy enough to make the washing flap quite vigerously. I was trying to keep the strings fairly short and then had the theory that as the wind caught it I would let the strings out and it would soar up into the sky. DH's theory was that the strings should be quite long initially, myself or DS1 holding the kite and then throwing it into the air, he also tried running with the kite behind him. Neither of us suceeded in getting the kite much more than 10 feet in the air. The question is, is it just the wrong time of year (shops are full of kites just now though), not a windy enough day or do we have the technique wrong?

If anyone can help I would be very grateful, DS1 was quite sad that his kite didn't fly.

soyabean Mon 31-Mar-03 23:17:31

Not sure I can help demented but I do remember that my parents completely stopped letting us fly kites after the terrible arguments involved.
Have had reasonable success with very simple kites with our kids, but not sure I could say what we did or didnt do. I recki=on the strings need to be reasonably longand the person holding the 'handles' sometimes needs to run quite a bit to get it up in the air.
Good luck!

KMG Tue 01-Apr-03 00:15:47

Demented - it may be the wrong type of kite - your kite packaging should have some sort of guidance on as to the best sort of conditions to fly it in - strength of wind. But generally breezy, rather than gusty is better. Are you anywhere near the sea? The beach is a great place to fly, or on top of hills.

We find all our kites go up very easily - I use a fairly short string initially - maybe 5m or so, and then reel it out as it goes up.

Finally, kites do vary - some are easier to fly than others. Some of the cheapest kites on the market (the ones with no poles) fly like a dream, as long as they are tied correctly. Some others are badly designed and will never fly well.

Don't give up - it's fantastic fun when it works, and I'm sure creates great memories. I'm sure my boys will never forget the day we went kite-flying after school, and had to phone dh to come with the step ladder to get one of the kites down out of a tree!

Demented Tue 01-Apr-03 11:18:17

Thanks KMG and Soyabean!

The kite packaging just had descriptions of different windy days, from light winds through to gales, and advised whether flying the kite would suit a beginner or more advanced kite flyer in the various conditions. It is the type with the poles on the back (DH wanted to buy a good one). We are not too far from a beach and that is where I wanted to go on Sunday but DH couldn't be bothered and we ended up in the local park which is fairly open but not as good as the beach. I will insist on the beach next time!

Thanks for your help!

Demented Tue 01-Apr-03 11:20:05

Looks like DH got one thing right though, his strings were more like 5m.

CAM Tue 01-Apr-03 12:20:44

On top of a hill always works for us!

Bobbins Tue 01-Apr-03 13:13:21

Any ideas where to get a good kite (how much can I expect to spend). I'd really like to fly one next weekend we are going for a picnic in a really windy place. (To visit Harvey and it might cheer us up)

Bobbins Tue 01-Apr-03 13:26:56

I wonder if the Discovery Store would sell them...gonna look online, but I need to be able to buy one off line before Saturday.

tigermoth Tue 01-Apr-03 14:04:17

Pocket kites are brill and cheap, too. They have no stick frame so they fold up small. They are so simple to use - no faffing around at all and almost indestructable. I used to keep one in my handbag.

bobbins, I hope the sun is shining and the wind is windy for you this weekend.

Bobbins Tue 01-Apr-03 14:14:06

Thanks tigermoth! Last year was a beatiful sunny and VERY windy day. I'll be happy if it doesn't rain.

I've just found out there is a specialist kite shop very near me...and online they have the most beautiful single line kites...only 15-18 quid.

Beautiful kites!

I think I might purchase the 'paradise bird' one. Do you think it would be difficult to fly?

Bobbins Tue 01-Apr-03 14:15:14

You have to click on the link on that page?

Bobbins Tue 01-Apr-03 14:16:10

Sorry...the question mark came in automatically...meant to reiterate, ?will I be able to fly it?

Demented Tue 01-Apr-03 14:19:00

Bobbins, that sounds like a lovely idea. We got our kite in the Early Learning Centre, although couldn't tell you if it is a good one as we haven't had any success flying it yet.

Demented Tue 01-Apr-03 14:21:11

Bobbins our posts crossed, just been for a look at the site you posted, the paradise bird looks lovely.

Bobbins Tue 01-Apr-03 19:25:20

Well , I dashed home from work to buy a kite. I got the Sun Rokkaku one from this site;

A single line kite...if you look under products.

I hope we can fly it, it's for 8 yrs and up.

Thanks Mumsnetters yet again...I was trying to think of something we could do to cheer us up on a difficult day. Kite flying and a picnic round the graves. Usually it's planting flowers...I'm actually looking forwards to it now. Good and better.

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