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Please help us work out a scenic route from London to the Isle of Skye!

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frogs Thu 07-Apr-05 11:33:54

I've booked us a week in a cottage on the Isle of Skye in late May, and we'll be driving up from London with 9yo dd1, 5yo ds and 1yo dd2.

We'd like at least one, maybe two overnight stop-offs each way, ideally somewhere with a few nice things to visit, to make the journey part of the holiday rather than something to be endured! We're planning to take in Glasgow on the way up and Edinburgh on the way down, and possibly somewhere in the north of England as well.

Please share with us your suggestions of places to stay or things we should see.

starshaker Thu 07-Apr-05 11:39:32

why dont u try the route planner with the aa u can put in a specific request for the scenic route

nailpolish Thu 07-Apr-05 11:50:27

the Borders is lovely, i would stay there for a night rather than glasgow or edinburgh

loch lomond is great for adults and kids, but can be busy (maybe not too bad in may though)

nailpolish Thu 07-Apr-05 11:53:15

stirling is great too, very historical, a castle to impress all ages!

nailpolish Thu 07-Apr-05 12:01:07

edinburgh has a fantastic childrens festival in late may

info here

throckenholt Thu 07-Apr-05 12:16:26

go up past Loch Lomond.

York is quite a nice place to stop - lots of museums for kids (eg Yorvik, and the railway museum).

Or how about stopping somewhere near Beamish (

Which part of Skye ? Are you planning to take the ferry or go over the bridge ?

Dahlia Thu 07-Apr-05 12:16:46

The Trossachs area is lovely, and not too far from Edinburgh. Really beautiful. I love Skye, hope you have a nice time!

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