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Small talk

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DillyDally Thu 07-Apr-05 10:48:50

Am off to a work lunch with some people I don't really know.
I hate small talk and always get lumbered with either
a) why are you vegetarian - which is a dull topic for me as I get asked this every time I go out or
b) the freak with an unusual hobby like cheese rind photography

Does anyone have good small talk topics that are safe and don't mention the weather?

mummytosteven Thu 07-Apr-05 10:49:27

last film you saw?
last CD you bought?

DillyDally Thu 07-Apr-05 10:52:44


I have not been to the cinema for a few years (i think the last film i saw was colin farell in the recruit)
I could try for CDs

One of the attendees is a horsey type which is an alien world to me.

alux Thu 07-Apr-05 11:31:53

One of the best things to talk about is what the other person likes. They will think you are a great conversationalist if you get them to witter on about themselves.

Can start with: Like what sort of holidays you enjoy the most? and then folow on with other questions from what information they give you.

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