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Kids party what to feed the parents

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geogteach Wed 06-Apr-05 20:37:40

DS is having party at farm on Saturday. Doing party boxes for the kids but as its over lunch feel I need to offer something to the parents. Sandwiches are the obvious answer but wondered if anyone had any ideas requiring less effort?

Hulababy Wed 06-Apr-05 20:40:01

What about salad, houmous, olives, dips, pitta bread, crisps/tortillas, etc. All finger food, all can be bought predone and just decanted beforehand.

spykid Wed 06-Apr-05 20:40:14

Have made the mistake of feeding parents before now, and wouldn't do it again.
Lots of hassle, and they will tend to finish off the kids sarnies anyway!

blodwen Wed 06-Apr-05 20:44:34

I agree with Spykid. However, if you feel you must, how about someting really easy like Thermos flasks of soup(and mugs for them to help themselves)and some hunks od french bread? Maybe you could borrow a couple of flasks and have 2 different flavours!

Pinotmum Wed 06-Apr-05 20:46:19

Ooh, Hulababy I love to come to your dd's party if you'll feed me that

Hulababy Wed 06-Apr-05 20:51:11

Have to say that at DD's party (at Gymboree) I didn't! But for grandparents and a couple of old family friends who came back to our house I did. And lots of wine/beer too

But Gymboree provided the part food at the weekend. I agev them a budget and some basic info and they did the rest. It was good though. Iassked for food that both the children and adults would have - lots of sandwiches, cheese, biscuits, fruit, some little cakes, etc.

Pamina3 Thu 07-Apr-05 09:50:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bobbybob Thu 07-Apr-05 09:55:17

I didn't cater for parents at ds's party. Is there somewhere at the farm that people can buy stuff. On the invites did you invite the parents or just the children? Is there enough cake for everyone?

northerner Thu 07-Apr-05 09:58:00

At ds's party on Saturday we just offerred parents tea, coffee and biccies. That was over lunch too. Never crossed my mind to feed the mums and dads!

scoot Thu 07-Apr-05 10:32:38

I catered for parents at Ds party. Found most weren't expecting food and had already eaten.

mrsjingles Thu 07-Apr-05 10:38:46

I've never fed parents, and I've never expected to be fed to be honest. I'd rather not eat bits and bobs anyway, as I'll have a proper meal either before or after the party. I think most parents wouldnt expect to be fed and could hoover up any leftovers if they were really desparate - it's a party for the kids afterall.

Stilltrue Thu 07-Apr-05 11:22:31

The 1st time any of my 4 had a party was ds1's 4th party. It was over lunchtime, at a venue away from home. I was worried about the adults ( about half the parents from his nursery class said they'd be staying). I bought a platter of extra sandwiches from the venue caterers but I have to say there wasn't a great take up rate !
I agree that something simple like hummous and dips, crisps etc would be cheaper and easier, though you could easily get away with not bothering at all. I'm now a veteran at these things and tbh most adults just don't expect to be fed, whether or not the party is during a regular mealtime.

sorrel Thu 07-Apr-05 11:54:49

is there somewhere to plug in a kettle? We had a party for dd age 6 at a farm ( had a little party room in a barn)and i just made a big pot of coffee and put out some biscuits and birthday cake.i put teenage nephew in charge of it. Went down very well with adults at the party, and i must sy i was glad to get a cuppa half way through trudging round the pig pens with 15 excited kids!

chipmonkey Thu 07-Apr-05 12:39:01

I always found parents love Rice Krispie buns!

aloha Thu 07-Apr-05 12:44:12

I' d say don't worry about food....just give 'em wine...but maybe not poss at a farm.
Dips and french bread are good, plus cake, of course. No chance of wine

geogteach Thu 07-Apr-05 22:12:40

Thanks for all these, basically i'm party prepared out so i'll be providing a couple of packets of biscuits and hoping like most of you say that people don't expect to be fed!

elastamum Thu 07-Apr-05 22:36:42

I dont think most parents expect to be fed as feeding the kids is hard work enough. I might buy a box of biscuits but the hungry parents usually swoop like vultures once the kids have finished eating, IMO one rarely sees a parent who might really starve before tea time

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