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Advice for mobile no-hoper please

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ks Wed 06-Apr-05 16:37:32

Message withdrawn

JanH Wed 06-Apr-05 16:56:54

I'm not sure either, ks, but you can hire a phone from - £20 a week and they cover Italy. Does that help? It would save doing strange and dangerous things with yours.

cod Wed 06-Apr-05 16:57:50

Message withdrawn

Titania Wed 06-Apr-05 16:59:25

as far as i know, you ring the network you are on a few days before you go and they will change it all for you via a sim update in the form of a text message.

JanH Wed 06-Apr-05 17:00:42

Oh no, this looks better -

£24.99 for a "TIM SIM" and then calls much much cheaper.

Fio2 Wed 06-Apr-05 17:05:39

i have a virgin pay as you go, 35 quid to buy and then just put money on it and it rolls over into the next month, doesnt just reset

ks Wed 06-Apr-05 17:13:28

Message withdrawn

ks Wed 06-Apr-05 17:18:47

Message withdrawn

JanH Wed 06-Apr-05 17:24:26

PAYG phones aren't usually locked though, are they? (Or are

Anyway you just go to a shop and they plug in a cable and press a few buttons and say that'll be twenty quid please (we did it the other day when DS2 inherited DD2's old contract phone).

JanH Wed 06-Apr-05 17:25:07

ks, did you look at the TIM SIM one?

JanH Wed 06-Apr-05 17:25:55

Oh, when I say a shop I mean a phone shop, lol

Fio2 Wed 06-Apr-05 17:28:05

not LIDL then Janh

ks Wed 06-Apr-05 17:36:29

Message withdrawn

hub2dee Wed 06-Apr-05 18:29:11

ks, when abroad, you get charged for incoming calls - often as expensive as if you'd dialled the UK from wherever you are.

You can avoid this completely by getting your phone unlocked (typically £20) and buying a local Italian pay as you go SIM card when you arrive.

This will mean cheapo calls to hotels / restaurants / local friends and family, free incoming calls from Italians or Brits and you'll have a local Italian number. (Often locals don't fancy calling an English mobile IYSWIM).

If you look at the tarrifs carefully, you may find one with a sensible rate on international calls / texts, so your UK phone calls or text messages back home ones aren't as expensive.

You may want to consider diverting your UK number to voicemail so that people can phone and leave a message / text you, but can't get through to you (which is when the bill starts going Northwards fast !)

Final snippet: It is possible to get dual SIM phones / SIM holders allowing you to switch between two mobile phone numbers 'on the fly' so to speak. I know nothing about this but a spotty kid in a phone shop might be able to help you. Could conceivably be the perfect solution.


ks Wed 06-Apr-05 18:43:51

Message withdrawn

hub2dee Wed 06-Apr-05 18:58:49

Also: think laterally... it's conceivable they have a great promotional rate on a PAYG phone in the local shops... Save the twenty quid on the unlock and put it towards a new handset... may even have features you would like and you could consider unlocking that handset whilst out there or back home...

JanH Wed 06-Apr-05 19:12:53

h2d, did you look at my TIM SIM link?

ks, the local shop who unlocked DS2's phone (from Vodafone, but they had a box full of cables that looked as if they could unlock anything) were supposed to charge us £15 but they had nothing smaller than a tenner (they don't tend to deal in change) and neither did we so they only charged £10 in the end.

Or if that doesn't work, ask in Lidl, teehee.

ks Wed 06-Apr-05 19:17:54

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 06-Apr-05 19:18:54

Message withdrawn

ks Wed 06-Apr-05 19:23:42

Message withdrawn

hub2dee Wed 06-Apr-05 19:28:15

JanH, yeah I did see it. V. clever, but didn't think best for ks from sound of it... I think she could get local calls cheaper than 13p per min and I thought the entry charge of £25 a bit steep (even with call credit), plus I don't think SIM works outside of Italy (ie. FAQs explain TIMsims have no roaming status) so ks couldn't check messages / texts from a neighbouring Euro country / back home etc.

Nice idea though.

ks Wed 06-Apr-05 22:13:03

Message withdrawn

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