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I thought there was a draft...

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Mothernature Wed 06-Apr-05 11:35:39

I have just been to the back door and found the catflap broken, and a big package behind the door with DO NOT BEND written clearly across it..well it is bent and now have no catflap either would you call the Post office and complain?

Cadbury Wed 06-Apr-05 11:37:25

Too right . And tell them you'll send them a bill for a repair to the cat flap! grrrr

hunkermunker Wed 06-Apr-05 11:37:31


Titania Wed 06-Apr-05 11:38:05

flippin heck yes i would complain!!!

debs26 Wed 06-Apr-05 11:44:36

our postie folded an envelope full of photos in half - despite it having PHOTOS - DO NOT BEND! written on in large red letters. dp rang and complained and we received a cheque the following week. definately complain, and demand the money for the cat flap. if they are awkward (which they were not when we rang - very apologetic and helpful) ask who you complain to next and tell them you are happy to carry on complaining until you get your money. they will refund as it would cost them more to deal with a customer who is willing to keep complaining to people in charge of the people in charge etc...

ks Wed 06-Apr-05 11:45:43

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Thu 07-Apr-05 18:52:08

MN, what did the Post Office say?

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