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Missing mumsnetter appeal....

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pupuce Sun 30-Mar-03 22:49:11

Where is Jasper?????
Miss you !

Demented Mon 31-Mar-03 00:12:35

Funny you should post Pupuce, I had been thinking about Jasper too, I have just done a check on her name and she hasn't posted for almost a fortnight, must be serious!

Demented Mon 31-Mar-03 00:12:59

Also Anais? Are you there?

Marina Mon 31-Mar-03 09:01:44

Yes, where are you both (on holiday maybe?). And I'd so much like to know how Tinkerbell and her prem twins are faring. Are you out there Tinkerbell?

tigermoth Mon 31-Mar-03 10:44:18

And lizzer?

Hilary Mon 31-Mar-03 12:53:35

I'm sad that I don't seem to have seen threeangels for ages, after a to-do on a heated thread. Hope she is still at least *looking* at the site, if not posting.

bayleaf Mon 31-Mar-03 12:59:14

Yes Lizzer's been gone for ages _ I've wondered about her several times but was too lazy to find the ''where are they '' thread and post....

webmum Mon 31-Mar-03 13:42:22

Am I the only person who never remembers other people's nicknames??
I've been on mumsnet for a couple of years and even though a few names are familiar to me, I find it exetremely hard to remember who said what, when, how, so much so, which in a way is sueful, as I never remember who's been rude to me in the past......

mum2toby Mon 31-Mar-03 13:44:11

Me too Webmum. Perhaps sometimes ignorance is bliss!

Batters Mon 31-Mar-03 13:49:50

bayleaf, someone did ask where Lizzer was a few weeks ago on the "missing persons" post (not sure, might have been Rhubarb...). I'm fairly certain there was no response .

Rhubarb Mon 31-Mar-03 16:30:31

Yes I asked where Lizzer was, and I have sent her an email too, but there has been no response. I'm not one to pester so I haven't emailed her since. I think we just have to accept that she's gone Hope she's having a better time of it these days anyhow.

Chinchilla Mon 31-Mar-03 18:39:41

What about SueDonim?

Hilary Mon 31-Mar-03 18:43:09

I noticed that suedonim has been posting today. So she is still around, just on different threads to you, I guess.

suedonim Mon 31-Mar-03 19:21:34

Hello, Chinchilla - Hilary's right, I'm still around. Thank you for thinking of me, that's very sweet. I was offline for ages with internet problems, got that sorted out and two days later, the roof above the computer room collapsed so I only have limited access yet again while the workmen are here. They seem to be here for the duration!

I shall be away from Mumsnet for a week as we're off to Bali in the morning. With all the problems in Indonesia, we'll benefit from some chill-out time away from the city and hopefully return refreshed.

sobernow Mon 31-Mar-03 21:51:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jasper Mon 31-Mar-03 22:21:55

Pupuce and demented, thanks very much for the message.
I am still here reading the messages every other day or so but trying not to get drawn in due to severe lack of time...feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment with demands of kids, job, home, hubby just as most of you are I'm sure

Chinchilla Mon 31-Mar-03 22:24:06

Hi SueD. Have a nice trip. Your name always sticks in my mind because of the length of time it took for me to get the pun! SimonHoward said 'good name by the way' one day, and I thought, 'Why?' Then a few weeks later it fell into place I blame baby brain. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Demented Mon 31-Mar-03 22:55:25

Good to know you're lurking Jasper!

sis Tue 01-Apr-03 10:10:19

Didn't Lizzer post about going off round the world last summer? I just assumed that she had started here travels as she seemed pretty serious about it.

Sorry if I've got it wrong though.

Ems Tue 01-Apr-03 15:23:43

Lizzer, please come back and drop us a line, you are missed. I've just been reading the new book, and loads of Lizzers advice is in there, do hope she sees it.

Rhubarb Tue 01-Apr-03 15:25:50

I'd like to second that appeal to Lizzer! And if she has gone travelling, bloody good on her, I am sooooo jealous! Hope she's having a fab time, but surely there are internet cafes abroad where she can tell us what she's up to!!! C'MON LIZZER DROP US A LINE!

breeze Wed 02-Apr-03 21:32:08

Come back Happydays

Tinkerbell Sat 05-Apr-03 14:13:16

I'm here!

Not even looked at mumsnet since November and log on today to find various messages.THANKS!

Given an update on my girls on the 'twins arrived at 28 weeks thread' but to sum up - they are smiley, laughey, squidgy buddles of gorgeousness.


ScummyMummy Fri 11-Apr-03 08:18:44

I haven't seen Ailsa about for ages
And also Roglyn for even longer
Lizzer and Faith have abandoned us again but I have come to expect that!

Missing you all
Come back.

Have seen Winnie about a bit lately though so some things are good

jasper Fri 11-Apr-03 21:00:30

And where is Aloha??
ALoha, come back, I am missing you.

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