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Calling all Occupational Therapists - Should I study OT??!!

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mumtochloe Tue 05-Apr-05 13:04:50

I have been toying with the idea of becoming a mature student and studying Occupational Therapy for a while as it sounds like my ideal job.

The thing is it is a 3 year full time course or 4 1/2 years part time (with long postings in each year so not sure if this is going to work anyway re part time as my employer would not allow me to take this amount of time off) DH earns around £18k and is unsure how we would manage the mortgage, childcare etc which is a fair point, but I am sick of being in a job I hate and would love to be qualified for a career I would love. Also the mailing I received from uni said that there are lots of opportunity's to work abroad once qualified - I feel this may sway DH as he has always wanted to emigrate.

My question is - if you are an OT do you love your job? Is the money good? How do bursaries work while I would be studying? Would I be too old at 32 as a newly qualified OT and do you think I should go for it next September?

Help Help Help!

Many Thanks

mumtochloe Wed 06-Apr-05 09:19:30


Anyone ...... pleeeaaaasse!

koalabear Wed 06-Apr-05 10:23:42

sorry - can't help - bump

katierocket Wed 06-Apr-05 10:25:30

my friend is in 2nd year of this course doing it full time as a mature student. I know she has tons of homework and always seems to be having exams plus she does do a fair amount of work placements. having said that she does love it,not sure about the money, there must be an OT association or something you where you can find out more

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