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how can I change bathroom carpet to something safe and hygenic?

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late Tue 05-Apr-05 11:29:21

I know I know not asking much am I but need to change it now or I will just have to rip up the carpet and leave it bare for a few years until we can afford to have it done professionally. Had a quote for more than we can afford so now need to look at what we can do ourselves. Had a look at a DIY store and they have stick down floor vinyl squares (tiles) are they easy to do, any good or a waste of money? Can any offer any advice?

eidsvold Tue 05-Apr-05 11:32:09

I used those when we renovated our flat prior to selling it. Brilliant and easy to clean - also easy to cut and lay.

francophile Tue 05-Apr-05 11:34:45

Sand the wood down and varnish?

Mothernature Tue 05-Apr-05 11:37:06

Anything is better than carpet in the bathroom, B&Q have a nice floorcovering (mosaic blue tiles)in at the moment we have just done our shower room in it and its cheap...£10 per mtr..

LIZS Tue 05-Apr-05 11:37:35

We had vinyl in our bathrooms - cheap, cheerful and (if you then seal the edges with silicon) leakproof - most DIY and carpet stores have some on a roll.

late Tue 05-Apr-05 13:47:48

can't sand it's plywood floor.

How easy is it for a DH who hates and is nooooo good at DIY - the least little thing takes forever.

Nome Tue 05-Apr-05 14:17:22

We replaced my mum's at Easter - got an off-cut from allied Carpets type place, ripped up the old carpet and used it as a template for the new stuff. With sealant round the edges, it took about an hour. We just cut it with sharp kitchen scissors. It cost about £25, plus my valuable time...

cod Tue 05-Apr-05 14:18:03

Message withdrawn

RudyDudy Tue 05-Apr-05 14:33:24

The vinyl square tiles are really, really easy to do - the only DIY I have ever done. And they can look pretty good too - definitely much better than a manky carpet and easier to clean.

Lonelymum Tue 05-Apr-05 14:40:33

Cork tiling isn't fashionable anymore but we once replaced a carpet with cork tiles and it was cheap and relatively easy to lay.

cod Tue 05-Apr-05 14:42:24

Message withdrawn

bundle Tue 05-Apr-05 14:56:57

dalsouple do nice rubber flooring in some fabulous colours, but i don't think it's cheap

late Tue 05-Apr-05 19:10:28

I love the idea of rubber flooring but it has to be cheep! Sounds like we should try vinyl floor tiles, in the hope they are as easy as some think! Watch us make a right mess! Thanks everyone.

late Tue 05-Apr-05 19:10:53

cheap even!

littlerach Tue 05-Apr-05 19:21:05

My friend and I retiled my kitchen floor with vinyl tiles and managed it! You need a really sharp blade, like a stanley knife, and plenty of spares!!

cod Tue 05-Apr-05 19:21:55

Message withdrawn

scottishmumto1 Tue 05-Apr-05 20:17:56

there is or at least used to be laminated flooring that is waterproof and designed for bathromms. it also comes in different colours

GeorginaA Wed 06-Apr-05 09:22:04

Bamboo wood flooring is good for bathrooms as bamboo is naturally waterproof. Although linoleum/vinyl is probably your cheapest option.

Which reminds me, it's something I keep meaning to do too!

Spacecadet Wed 06-Apr-05 09:37:25

you can get vinyl flooring that looks like laminate.

RudyDudy Wed 06-Apr-05 13:14:30

If you do end up using vinyl tiles I made templates for the awkwardly shaped areas, like around the sink or the loo, out of newspaper but remember that if you are drawing on the back of the tile it is in mirror-image - iykwim!

late Wed 06-Apr-05 13:54:25

thanks for the tip rudydudy - just what we would mess up!

vinyl flooring that looks like laminate - I didn't realise there was a difference, does vinyl look more plasticy??

I assumed vinyl would be waterproof....

I am so thick when it comes to this type if thing.

katierocket Wed 06-Apr-05 13:56:56

rubber flooring is fab for bathrooms. Easy to lay and really practical - looks good too.
Darsouple is the best but jaymart do it too, much cheaper

RudyDudy Wed 06-Apr-05 17:50:05

I only found out from experience late

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