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Ruby wedding Anniversary for PIL could you please help me !!!

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cositjustisok Fri 23-Jan-09 20:54:29

Title says it all..I am married to their only child and they really are fantastic in every way and nothing is too much bother for them..they help us out in so many ways and our children have a fantastic relationship with them as do my hubby and I. They deserve a great celebratory party but I jsut dont know what to do for them. They dont like fuss and live a very simple life...never go on holiday or have many interest (but family) but know they would like "something to mark the day". We are going out for a meal at a local restaurant for Sunday lunch (their suggestion)and I had thought of a small soire afterwards here for all that has been invited. I need suggestions on what to do to make them feel special. Also need ideas for a pressie too....they dont like fuss and never ever go on holiday because of anxiety issues. Please please help me here ..ever so grateful...wink

smellen Fri 23-Jan-09 20:55:39

How about a photobook with significant memories and people included. If you could pinch some pics from their albums and scan them, you could cover the pre-digital camera era too.

cositjustisok Fri 23-Jan-09 21:02:53

Oh wow what a great idea..never even thought of gonna compile a list of people I need to phone for photos!!

Jbck Fri 23-Jan-09 21:23:50

There is a lovely rose bush called Ruby Wedding (I think) if they garden you could buy a few.

cositjustisok Fri 23-Jan-09 21:36:15

they dont have a garden jsut a tiny patio ..but she LOVES plants so that is an idea for a pot plant for the outdoors...she would love that..away to google now...many thanks

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