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pub licensing

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lou33 Mon 04-Apr-05 20:37:52

does anyone know why you would be refused to be the name on a pub license? You know , the name above the door sort of thing?

swiperfox Mon 04-Apr-05 20:39:10

You would be refused if you have any sort of conviction. If you want I will ask dp - he's a licencee

lou33 Mon 04-Apr-05 20:42:16

ooh yes please, am being nosy about someone i know!

CarrieG Mon 04-Apr-05 20:46:40

When I applied for mine (some years ago), you would be disqualified for convictions relating to alcohol (eg. drink-driving, any sort of drink fuelled assault), certain financial offences eg. passing counterfeit money, & I think if you were an undischarged bankrupt?

Local cops could also object if they felt you might be a problem (eg. close family/marital connections to anyone spectacularly dodgy) - basically it was at the magistrates' discretion whether they regarded you as a fit & proper person.

lou33 Mon 04-Apr-05 20:48:29

plot thickens......

swiperfox Mon 04-Apr-05 20:55:16

Yes - basically you have to prove to the judge that you are an 'upstanding citizen' as basically you are in a position of such responsibility. I will def ask dp when he gets home tho - he knows the score, he's had a licence for years

Yorkiegirl Mon 04-Apr-05 20:57:03

Message withdrawn

lou33 Mon 04-Apr-05 20:58:44


pixel Wed 06-Apr-05 02:05:10

I've often wondered about the 'Queen Vic' as it always seems to be owned and run by a load of ex cons! Even the lovely Alfie had a prison record and though Peggy (I think)owned it at the time, she wasn't even in the country! These things worry me you know. Do you think I need to get a life?!

Btw my dh has had a licence for about 25 years. He says that back then you could even be refused for having a parking ticket!

swiperfox Wed 06-Apr-05 10:10:08

Hellooo dp is home today so I've just collared him - he says that it is basically the criminal record thing - basically the police would object to you holding a licence.

lou33 Wed 06-Apr-05 12:49:49

thanks, everytime i see her i am wondering what she could have done now!

Anteater Wed 06-Apr-05 13:06:14

You also have to have been on a days course about running a licensed business, magistrates will not even consider applications unless you can provide proof course has been attended and passed..

CarrieG Wed 06-Apr-05 22:22:05

Yep - after my time, that one! But it's a fairly user-friendly, one day course which wouldn't be a problem to anyone who'd worked a bar - mostly to give the 'we're going to retire & run a pub' nutters some idea of the basics!

As for police objections, I understand they now have pretty wide powers to object - & the local beak will usually be inclined to your acquaintance could've done anything or nothing...

Blu Wed 06-Apr-05 22:31:35

It's decided in the licensing session of the magistrates court - if you were really committed to finding out you could look up the records?

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