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Sorry I know it's been asked before....but how do I bid on ebay?

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KatieMac Mon 04-Apr-05 19:56:07

I have 2 hrs left and there are no bids on the

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 04-Apr-05 19:57:42

Have you registered?

If not you need to do that and then click on the item and then click on BID NOW and put your bid in.

KatieMac Mon 04-Apr-05 19:59:04

I've registered.....but do I have to sit here all night watching it?

Do I pick a figure out of nowhere?

Sorry to be so stupid

KatieMac Mon 04-Apr-05 20:00:20

Can I put in say £10 and then go away and leave it.....or do I need to keep watching it?

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 04-Apr-05 20:02:37

Well you put your bid in and then it will ask you for a maximum bid (basically put in the most you want to pay for it) so if anyone else trys to bid EBay will automatically put in your higher bid IYSWIM.

In my experience everybody bids at the last few minutes so you don't have to watch it just go on near the end of the bid. EBay will also send you emails if you've been outbidded and reminders that the item is ending soon.

KatieMac Mon 04-Apr-05 20:05:51

Thanks - I'll let you know how it goes.....K

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 04-Apr-05 22:02:31

How did you go on KM?

KatieMac Mon 04-Apr-05 22:16:16

I got it for £5 (+£7.20 postage) - not bad as I just bought a new one for £35 from mothercare.

I needed 2 but hesitated at the I'm really pleased - I'll be even more so when it arrives

KatieMac Mon 04-Apr-05 22:17:11

I've paid by paypal - do I just wait for it to arrive?

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 04-Apr-05 22:18:29

I'm glad you sorted it.

It can be a bit confusing at first. We only registered 3 weeks ago and have spent over £300 in total. It's sooo addictive!

What did you get?

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 04-Apr-05 22:19:39

Yeah just wait for it now. Paypal is instant payment. They'll give you positive feedback as well for paying straight away.

KatieMac Mon 04-Apr-05 22:22:35

A reclining high chair which straps on to a dining chair. I'm a childminder and my back is going feeding 4-6m olds in bouncy chairs on the floor. This will make it so easier.

I have 2 x 4.5 m old at the moment and anothe 4.5 m starting in Sept (hopefully)

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 04-Apr-05 22:35:16

Thats good then, you got a bargain.

rickman Mon 04-Apr-05 22:41:16

Message withdrawn

KatieMac Mon 04-Apr-05 23:26:33

Yep - hopefully I know have 2

KatieMac Thu 07-Apr-05 16:13:37

It arrived today and it's in perfect condition.

Great success, might try again when I need something

Thabnks for everones help....I know I need to leave feedback but ebay won't let me until I've been reg for 5 days - I'll try over the weekend

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