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New stamp duty threshold - when ..

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JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 18:51:23

... does it come into force?

I was going to google but then I thought a MNer is bound to know

thank you!

JanH Mon 04-Apr-05 18:52:54

It was the day after the budget, JT - March 16? 17?

Twiglett Mon 04-Apr-05 18:53:11

wasn't it the beginnig of April?

Lonelymum Mon 04-Apr-05 18:53:51

Would anyone like to explain exactly what the new thresholds are to someone about to put in an offer on a house.

JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 18:56:57

is the new level £120k? - ds2 is selling his flat and he wants to keep under the new threshold if poss - if its in force now thats great!

thankyou - you're all soooooooooo clever

JanH Mon 04-Apr-05 18:57:07

Nope, it was midnight on Mar 16.

New thresholds and a calculator

Lonelymum Mon 04-Apr-05 18:59:23

Thanks Jan. Not good news for us then.

JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 18:59:43

brill - ta!

JanH Mon 04-Apr-05 19:03:23

LM, it probably doesn't actually make any difference to the amount you will be paying if you're in the £250K - £500K region (although it is a lot, I know).

JanH Mon 04-Apr-05 19:07:54

It's date of completion that counts, JT - my neighbour completed her sale on Mar 14 (it's how I know when it kicked in ) and as her new house was £107K, that cost her over £500 in stamp duty which she wouldn't have paid the following week - I would have been v peed off but haven't discussed it with her so don't know how she feels. But she plans to redecorate the whole (little) house and £500 would buy a lot of paint and curtains.

JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 21:14:18

- I'd have been really p*ssed - she should have kept her eye on the News!

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