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POLL!....does ear piercing necessitate the need for glasses in the future?

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BadgerBadger Mon 04-Apr-05 00:33:14

One of my friends told me this ages ago. TBH, most people I know with their ears pierced do need glasses, IIRC she said it was something to do with a meridian. Probably something her mother told her to discourage her from piercing her ears!
Is anyone interested in a 'poll' to find out more?

Answer YES if you have pierced ears and wear glasses/contacts/(have had lazer surgery!)

Answer NO if you have pierced ears but don't need any of the above.

BadgerBadger Mon 04-Apr-05 00:33:48


RTMTMML Mon 04-Apr-05 00:34:57


Gwenick Mon 04-Apr-05 00:35:09

Had my ears pierced in my teens - but only for a couple of years. Wore glasses from age 4 to 18 1/2yrs - when I broke my glasses at a drunken party in Zimbabwe. Didn't have a prescription with me for more so decided to 'leave it' unless I started having trouble - headaches etc etc............that was 8yrs ago - and I still don't wear glasses or contacts anymore!

Gwenick Mon 04-Apr-05 00:35:34

ooops - should have said NO in there too

Snugs Mon 04-Apr-05 00:35:44

YES - (but already wore glasses when I got ears pierced so that probably buggers up the theory )

jampots Mon 04-Apr-05 00:36:14

NO - up until last eye test I had perfect vision. Now only extremely slightly short sighted in one eye

jampots Mon 04-Apr-05 00:37:18

and just to boost the figures, my twin sister also doesnt wear glasses but has her ears pierced.

My older sister does wear glasses and has her ears pierced

so thats another


BadgerBadger Mon 04-Apr-05 00:37:21

Snugs, I know, it's hardly scientific - far too many variables! It's just one of those things that I've always wondered about......

(Did you get my email BTW?)

suedonim Mon 04-Apr-05 00:37:23

Had ears pierced at age 22 and then had to have glasses at age 46. A definite connection there.

sallystrawberry Mon 04-Apr-05 00:38:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

serenity Mon 04-Apr-05 00:39:07


BadgerBadger Mon 04-Apr-05 00:41:12

4 for yes and 5 for no so far.......

gingerbear Mon 04-Apr-05 00:43:20

I wore glasses from age 8

ears pierced at 16.

sight not altered much since 16.

Snugs Mon 04-Apr-05 00:45:14

Damn, haven't checked mail today Badger - one sec

Snugs Mon 04-Apr-05 00:50:15

No mail Badger, s'funny cos Smurfgirl said she was going to send one as well and I haven't had that.

BadgerBadger Mon 04-Apr-05 00:53:48

It was returned from one address, so I sent it to the other? Hmmm, anyway, it was only to say sorry for disapearing the other night, and you guessed right .

Snugs Mon 04-Apr-05 00:55:34

Hmm, must check out what is happening with my mail, got some to both addresses today so must be on/off problem.

Is she ok now then? Poor babe

BadgerBadger Mon 04-Apr-05 01:01:44

Up and down .

Snugs Mon 04-Apr-05 01:05:51

Poor mite - I will send her some healing thoughts tonight before I sleep. Which will be very soon - said I was getting off here an hour ago.

Out tomorrow night, so will try to catch up on Tuesday. Night night hun. xx

OFFICIAL NOTICE : thread hijack problem now resolved. Please return to original topic.

BadgerBadger Mon 04-Apr-05 01:07:56

night night xx

kama Mon 04-Apr-05 01:44:11

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy Mon 04-Apr-05 01:55:10


happymerryberries Mon 04-Apr-05 07:40:06

I had to wear glasses before I got my ears done. This is a load of cobblers!

Who had breakfast the day they found out they needed glasses ? There you go, breakfast causes short/long sight!

Nemo1977 Mon 04-Apr-05 07:48:46


had first ear piercing at 6mths but others after..had to wear glassess from around 13

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