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what do you do for your parents?

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hatsoff Sun 03-Apr-05 22:44:18

my mum is 74, she's young and fit for her years but I'm beginning to notice that she is slowing down. She lives 150-odd miles away but still comes to visit most months - determined to maintain close contact with her gcs. I love her to bits, she is the most wonderful, fantastic mum and granny I could ever wish for. I am realising that the time is coming when our roles will gradually shift - from her helping me out, to me helping her. I am resolved to visit her more often, so that she doesn;t have to make that long trip so often, but apart from that what else can I do from a distance? I would be happy to pay for a bit of help for her, in the garden or the house, (we are in a better financial position than her, she's not skint but she's not flush either) but I feel a bit uncomfortable about this, and suspect she might too, and don't know how to broach it. has anyone been in a similar situation?

polly28 Sun 03-Apr-05 23:44:36

my parents are 70 and 73 and live in canada.Luckily they are both still very independent but I do dread the time when they lose that.It's so hard being so far away.we will definately be doing most of the visiting now.

What about giving her a gift of a house clean from mollymaids or similar,or a cleaner weekly.My mum has finally agreed to having a cleaner and loves it.

sorry not much help,interested to hear others views

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