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Cod - the flounce

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dejags Sun 03-Apr-05 19:59:04

Cod. Yup I did on a grand-scale.

I have been sulking for a month now but must confess that I still have a look every other day at posts. I just couldn't not post on Misdees thread, so there endeth my sulk.

I thought I would answer in a separate thread - didn't want to hijack misdees thread about her DH.

Beetroot Sun 03-Apr-05 20:01:26

Message withdrawn

happymerryberries Sun 03-Apr-05 20:02:45

We should have a post flounce topic thread that we could congregate on! I felt an ass when I came back but I couldn't stay away

dejags Sun 03-Apr-05 20:03:48

ok, I'll run the risk of boring you to death beety

about a month ago there were lots of nasty threads about BF/Not BF/Being Crap at BF/Being a Superior BFer etc etc etc. I took the hump and swore never to return .

can't stay away though - there, I have admitted it

Tissy Sun 03-Apr-05 20:05:37

you might have picked an original topic to flounce on dejags, everyone gets their knockers in a twist over BF

welcome back!

Beetroot Sun 03-Apr-05 20:05:41

Message withdrawn

Kayleigh Sun 03-Apr-05 20:06:45

it'd be nice if you were back to stay dejags

dejags Sun 03-Apr-05 20:07:29

Tissy Sun 03-Apr-05 20:08:04

actually, I meant knickers...

Kayleigh Sun 03-Apr-05 20:08:47

LOL Tissy

I can feel dejags thawing.....

dejags Sun 03-Apr-05 20:09:06

feel like an arse now but what the hell I'm not perfect [sarcy comment about inability to BF deleted ]

Twiglett Sun 03-Apr-05 20:09:49

didn't even realised you'd flounced

still nice to see your name again

dejags Sun 03-Apr-05 20:10:21

right - I am off to start my very first thread in a month (just cant wait)...

handlemecarefully Sun 03-Apr-05 20:14:54

I've been looking into this - if you want to flounce and leave mumsnet talk for good you can email mumsnet and ask them to ban you from talk. Would help with the willpower issue!

Not suggesting that you do that dejags. I expect lots of people are very glad your are back.

cazzybabs Sun 03-Apr-05 20:17:15

I missed you and are glad you are back. BTW remember england as over crowded, cold and polluted!

Tortington Sun 03-Apr-05 20:24:06

welcome back

pixiefish Sun 03-Apr-05 20:25:34

welcome back

darlingbud Sun 03-Apr-05 20:27:31

welcome back

dejags Sun 03-Apr-05 20:29:49

cheers ladies!

dejags breathes a big sigh of relief that all is well in cyberworld again

Marina Sun 03-Apr-05 20:30:22

welcome back dejags

galaxy Sun 03-Apr-05 20:31:01

Welcome back dejags....(not that I'm a regular anymore anyway)

Enid Sun 03-Apr-05 20:31:11

didnt realise you'd gone but don't take it personally, despite being on here seemingly 24/7 I miss bloody everything x E

SenoraPostrophe Sun 03-Apr-05 20:32:12

Good to have you back dejags.

Miaou Sun 03-Apr-05 20:35:08

Nice to see you back dejags. I posted on your thread when you said you were going, and wondered how you were getting on since - I particularly remember the thread about the bitchy mums making rude comments about the size of your ds. Glad you're back

dejags Sun 03-Apr-05 20:49:17

Hello Miaou, I had forgotten about that, but I must say I did stick to my guns on that and haven't returned to that awful Mother and Baby group.

Proof that I do have some willpower after all

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