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how do i get blood stains out

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starshaker Sun 03-Apr-05 18:13:51

there is prob loads of ways to do it but i dont seem to know any i got a stain on a white top and cant seem to get it out was wandering if any1 has any advice

LeoTheLion Sun 03-Apr-05 18:19:55

If you've washed it in warm water then you will have fixed the stain and made it very difficult to shift. You should soak blood stains in cold water for as long as you can, then wash as normal.

You could try something like Stain Devils, that might help.

starshaker Sun 03-Apr-05 18:24:14

thanx will give that a try hope it works only had the top on once

alux Sun 03-Apr-05 19:27:03

Hand wash in cold water with old fashioned bath soap. (It's made from animal or vegetable fat.) Not the shower gel type stuff. (this is a detergent made from heaven knows what.)

Easy Sun 03-Apr-05 19:31:27

soak in biological detergent at the warmest temp the fabric will stand.

I put in washer with detergent, start it running. switch off after 10 mins, and leave for at least 2 hrs (overnight if poss). Switch on again and let the machine complete it's cycle.

If that doesn't get it out, nothing will.

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