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cheap buggy at index, ideal for holidays?

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misdee Sun 03-Apr-05 10:12:43

i dont need it, but wondering if anyone needs one, then check index

it doesnt recline, but could be good for older child and its only £10.99

misdee Sun 03-Apr-05 10:13:23

sorry i meant £19 silly me was looking at how much u save lol.

tiffini Sun 03-Apr-05 10:14:48

it says you save £10.99

it is actually £ 19.00


tiffini Sun 03-Apr-05 10:15:11

crossed posts

misdee Sun 03-Apr-05 10:15:46

i'm still asleep
still a good price tho.

tiffini Sun 03-Apr-05 10:17:09

yes it is, but i think considering it was originally £30, it should recline

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