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Want to buy a keepsake of mother and child.....

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andyrobo237 Sat 17-Jan-09 22:29:47

Been let some money in a will from Grandma, and want to get a keepsake with it. I have a soapstone figure which is about 20cm high - all pale coloured and is of a couple holding hands. We got this as a wedding present.

I am now looking for something to represent two children or a mother and child. It will be on the mantlepiece and needs to be pale coloured and no higher than 20cm high.

I have searched Ebay and a few department stores sites, but not ound anything I like, so I am asking the Powers of Mumsnet for help!

The only thing I have seen that would do is the Willow Tree range, which is not expensive, but not all one colour.

The budget is max. £100, and I dont want anything ancy or coloured - so no Royal Doulton and the like!

Please help me find something before I spend the money on rubbish!!!! grin Links would be great, and mail order the best idea!!!!

AnotherFineMess Sat 17-Jan-09 22:30:55

Shared Earth used to do those...I'll just Google for you...

AnotherFineMess Sat 17-Jan-09 22:35:58

Found this}

[[ 166b97b6cc755c32bf70028dc4&PHPSESSID=ca072e975675eec26a156a956c86e975 this}

and these by googling 'soapstone mother and child', there were lots more results.

AnotherFineMess Sat 17-Jan-09 22:37:01

Doh, links went wrong. Vino...

frisbyrat Sat 17-Jan-09 22:44:37


solidgoldsoddingjanuaryagain Sat 17-Jan-09 22:47:42

Do you live anywhere near an art school or independent artists gallery? You could look into commissioning something if you see someone whose work you like. I would also suggest going to the better sort of craft fair if you are not in too much of a hurry: you often get sculptors and ceramicists at these things (when I said the 'better sort' I mean ones that aren't full of Usborne and Mary Kay reps and sweet old dears selling identikit handmade greetings cards).

andyrobo237 Sat 17-Jan-09 22:49:01

Great - so why could I not see these when I googled them a week ago? I can spell soapstone!

I have seen one I like in soapstone - it is a family of 4 - which is us!!

frisbyrat Sat 17-Jan-09 22:49:17

And this

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