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Inland Revenue

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eidsvold Thu 27-Mar-03 12:39:20

I have been having an ongoing saga ( very long story) with Inland Revenue over a number of things and called yesterday to check up on some paperwork. I thought I would share what I learnt.

Apparently in some departments they are so 'snowed under' that they are SIX yep 6 weeks behind in opening their mail. So if you have sent something to Inland Revenue in the past 6 weeks or so and you have not heard anything that may be the case.

I am beyond words - I could not believe it when the woman at Inland Revenue told me.

mum2toby Thu 27-Mar-03 13:13:17

I was told this last year when I phoned about WFTC. They are SO incompetant. To make matters worse, coz they had so many piles of mail they lost my envelope with my P60 in it and they refused to issue me with another one!!!! They said they were not allowed to issue a new one if I lost it..... but the INLAND REVENUE lost it!!! I pointed that out and the man said that it didn't matter... it was lost.

I phoned last week as I was sent out another blank form to fill in. The guy said they had done this to a lot of people in error and to bin it. I asked about my Tax Credits and if they'd sorted it yet and he said there had been computer trouble and they couldn't tell me anything apart from that if it wasn't dealt with before April they would back date payments!! TOO RIGHT THEY WILL.

Rant over..... but I share your frustration and disbelief in their incompetance.

mum2toby Thu 27-Mar-03 13:15:09

Eidsvold - you've got me riled now..... I'm going to phone them again.

eidsvold Thu 27-Mar-03 14:35:40

ogh I am sorry mum2toby - I jsut thought if could post to help others although I had to fight to get child benefit and ended up sending a very long letter to my MP who told me that if I needed help with anything I should call/contact him - thinking of doing that over this matter.

mum2toby Thu 27-Mar-03 14:43:47

I phoned them and had to make a formal complaint in the end!! The man I spoke to wouldn't answer my questions or give me another number to call to get my questions answered.

He started correcting grammar as I spoke then he told me I was being obnoxious and he would cut me off if I continued! I told him I wanted to speak to his Supervisor and asked for his name. At that point he HUNG UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


I phoned back and got a very apologetic women who took me through the complaints procedure that will probably be binned before it;s dealt with.


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