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Good websites for children?

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Cecilia Wed 26-Mar-03 20:53:32

Cecilia junior (aged 10) has asked me to ask mumsnet if anyone can recommend any good websites for children. She already enjoys the games on the CBBC homepage but wants to find more that are fun and educational. Many websites aimed at tweenies are purely commercial. There are of course the security issues as well.

sammac Wed 26-Mar-03 21:15:29

I'll get some for you from my class favourites tomorrow. These are some they've found or been directed to.
Off the top of my head is a fun maths games and is another. They also like using for research. Particularly webcams all over the world.
The class are very interested in for it's wide scope. These are all used in class and go through our school web filter, so are secure.
I'll check with dd( who's 9) but in bed, as well.

nerdgirl Thu 27-Mar-03 07:52:45

Cecilia, have you seen the section on My five year old is addicted but it's really aimed at older children.

You pretend to be a park ranger in the Serengeti. You go out around the park and find sick animals which you bring back to your pens and care for. You have to buy food, medicine and treats and check the animal care guide to find out what the animals eat and how to cure them.

You need a login but that's free.

nerdgirl Thu 27-Mar-03 07:55:07

Sorry, too early in the morning to mess with links I meant the Wild Thornberry's section!

GeorginaA Thu 27-Mar-03 08:48:31

Not really educational by any stretch of the imagination but a nice site for kids that I found recently is:

Hamster Tours

miggy Thu 27-Mar-03 09:30:02

My boys are addicted to neopets, Not educational but has inspired the older one to learn HTML in order to edit his neopets webpage, and nothing harmful. Also leads to lots of creative play where all 3 children pretend to be various neopets and look after each other (for at least 10 mins b4 they start killing each other!).

sammac Thu 27-Mar-03 19:03:02

Also try really yuk, but kids love it

Cecilia Thu 27-Mar-03 21:12:37

Thanks for all the suggestions. We have tried neopets so far which looks really good but very involved. DD got upset when I told her she had to leave it now and go to bed!

miggy Thu 27-Mar-03 22:56:54

one huge bonus of neopet addiction is that boys now leap out of bed at 6.30 and race to get dressed and have time on the internet before breakfast! v.educational but also fun if you like maths

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