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Mr Bubble has found another woman

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bubble99 Fri 01-Apr-05 20:20:54

I don't know what to do. I feel such a fool. Apparently her name is April. I don't think it's sexual, I just don't know. I came home earlier and found them both trying on my clothes.

vict17 Fri 01-Apr-05 20:21:47

RnB Fri 01-Apr-05 20:21:50

Message withdrawn

pupuce Fri 01-Apr-05 20:22:43

... glad you can find this day funny too

Tissy Fri 01-Apr-05 20:22:49

b*gger, bubble.

I don't know what to say, you don't need this kind of hassle just now.

Has he tried to explain?

Tissy Fri 01-Apr-05 20:23:09

edam Fri 01-Apr-05 20:23:29

Tissy Fri 01-Apr-05 20:23:51

hey! I thought you had to do it before midday?

JoolsToo Fri 01-Apr-05 20:24:05

You know you're the fool if you do it after noon

LGJ Fri 01-Apr-05 20:24:14

Tissy this is Bubble 99

Not Bubble

Tissy Fri 01-Apr-05 20:24:47

oops, sorry.

RnB Fri 01-Apr-05 20:24:59

Message withdrawn

LGJ Fri 01-Apr-05 20:29:46

Just a thought Bubble99

At the moment Bubble is posting on here following the death in childbirth of Bo, twin to Elijah, for support/understanding that she feels she is not getting in RL.

Would you mind calling your DH Mr Bubble99 as opposed to Mr Bubble, which is what Bubble's DH is being called at the moment.

I for one, panicked, when I thought it was Bubble and then I realised it was Bubble 99, I think Tissy was worried as well.

Hope this is OK with you.


Newbarnsleygirl Fri 01-Apr-05 20:30:20

My stomach actually physically has just gone in to my mouth.

I have fallen for every April fools today!

popsycal Fri 01-Apr-05 20:30:29

isnt bubble99 the same person as bubble...i have just done a search

nutcracker Fri 01-Apr-05 20:31:05

I thought it was the same person too.

Tissy Fri 01-Apr-05 20:31:52

yep, I've been had in more ways than one. Glad it was the other bubble.

Tissy Fri 01-Apr-05 20:32:28

omg, now I'm confused....

flamesparrow Fri 01-Apr-05 20:33:44

The only one I haven't fallen for today was Suggs on vrigin threatening to change party classics to easy listening classics!!!

pupuce Fri 01-Apr-05 20:36:31

LGJ - Bubble99 is the same !

Mud Fri 01-Apr-05 20:37:08

Um LGJ that's Bubble99

LGJ Fri 01-Apr-05 20:38:05

Not as confused as I am, I think Popsycal may be right, so who am I thinking of ??

There was a bubble thread and another bubble appeared and it wasn't Bubble but someone who thought the thread referred to her.

Oh Bollox. I should have just kept my worry head, trying to look out for every one mouth shut.

LGJ Fri 01-Apr-05 20:39:27

I know I know

I was just doing my usual Jewish momma thing, trying to look out for everyone.

Ever wish you hadn't started typing ??

Tissy Fri 01-Apr-05 20:41:04

yes...was trying to be supportive, and look what happens...

handlemecarefully Fri 01-Apr-05 20:42:09

Sound of head imploding at the complicated twists in this thread....

Witty April Fool's though - very good.

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