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I am never gonna learn to drive.

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misdee Fri 01-Apr-05 13:48:41

my driving is appauling. new instructor reakons 20-30hrs of lesson still needed. need to do it quicker.

nutcracker Fri 01-Apr-05 13:49:34

Awww no, sorry to hear that. Was he not open to bribery

ks Fri 01-Apr-05 13:50:56

Message withdrawn

misdee Fri 01-Apr-05 13:51:07


he also teaches 'test routes' hmmmz. would rather learn to drive on places other than test routes.

why why is my usual instructor fully booked.

misdee Fri 01-Apr-05 13:52:30

i need to drive manual. as dh is no longer legal to drive (due to his pacemaker), i have to be driving quicker than i thought. and dh cant even sit beside me to practise, so need someone with no fear so i can practise i nnew car.

moschops Fri 01-Apr-05 13:53:44 can do it!!!!

i agree.........try going for an automatic instead. it's taken me 5 months to get to grips with a manual.......but i am determined to do it. dp doesn't want me to learn in an automatic...but if getting on the road and being mobile is REALLY important then look into an automatic instead.

CaptainWinky Fri 01-Apr-05 13:54:29

can you try one of those intensive courses?

moschops Fri 01-Apr-05 13:54:34

ooooppppps crossed posts.....

why do you need to drive manual?

misdee Fri 01-Apr-05 13:54:40

we cant change the car tho. and dh isnt legally allowed to sit with me now.

misdee Fri 01-Apr-05 13:55:13

this was assessment for intensive.

our car is mobility vechile.

hub2dee Fri 01-Apr-05 13:57:24

misdee... the time it takes is only partly determined by the instructor...

I know you want to hurry this along, but if after 10 hours s/he thinks your performance is OK, then you can go for the test. Then again, for whatever reason, it might take you 50 hours...

If you feel this instructor is competent, and you get on, go for it, and attempt to get practice outside of the lessons if that helps.

If you're not quite sure, maybe give jazzybee's Mrs a shout, or stall till your existing instructor is free and just get very friendly with the local minicab company / be extra nice to Ms. SparklyTaxi.

uwila Fri 01-Apr-05 13:58:07

Oh oh.... instructors and driving lessons over hear are pure misery. My American license was stolen from my handbag, and then it expired. So, I had no drivers license over here. Then we bought a car and I couldn't drive the bloody thing until I passed my UK test. It was horrible. I was 7 months pregnant and could harldy turn around to check traffic when I finally passed my test.

You CAN do this. Driving is such a pleasure with no grumpy condescending instructor sitting next to you. His name was Harry and I truly hated him. But,I also figured having to sit next to hiim first thing in the morning was good preparation from any tester I could possibly get.

So glad that's over...

ks Fri 01-Apr-05 13:59:12

Message withdrawn

anchovies Fri 01-Apr-05 14:02:32

My instructor said 30 but I passed after 18 hours. Think it depends what the problem is, mine was blatently just confidence. Fifth attempt(!) but first with that instructor.

misdee Fri 01-Apr-05 22:56:15

have booked assessment with another drving school, their intensive courses are fully booked atm, but have just taken on a new instructor who has several hours free a week. and am grabbing people to help me practise manourves.

hub2dee Sat 02-Apr-05 00:01:05

If I had life insurance, I'd sit in the passenger seat....

... as long as you don't mistake me for one of Sparkly's strippers.

Am sure it will all work out for you.

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