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Grrr! ASDA have bleached my NEW buggy!!

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BadgerBadger Fri 01-Apr-05 12:54:22

DH went shopping two nights ago, when he got home we found the bleach he'd bought had leaked (it was in a seperate bag).

Today I got my NEW £80 buggy out of the boot to use to find that it has bleach stains all over the footmuff, and the seat and seat back .

ASDA wont take liability, should they? What do you think? They said if they cap was loose at the time of purchase, it couldn't be considered their fault as a child may have opened it (so much for child proof cap!) in store, therefore, not their problem!!

cod Fri 01-Apr-05 12:55:31

Message withdrawn

Titania Fri 01-Apr-05 12:56:01

hmm....doesnt hurt to ask.....when i went to tescos and the fabric conditioner leaked all over my shopping they refunded and replaced all the damaged goods.

BadgerBadger Fri 01-Apr-05 12:58:39

It's not a pram cod.

When I worked for a claims company, the company or manufacturor were held responsible if a leaky package of anything toxic caused any injury, that's why I'm surprised by their reaction.

WideWebWitch Fri 01-Apr-05 12:58:59

Not Asds's prob imo. Silly girlie at Mothercare put a bottle of bubble stuff in with 2 new books for dd last week and when I got home it had leaked and spoilt the books (£5 each!) but I decided it was my fault for not asking for another bag when I bought them, dd was roaming, ds was fed up, I had other things on my mind tbh but still, my problem, despite their stupidity I think.

cod Fri 01-Apr-05 12:59:00

Message withdrawn

LIZS Fri 01-Apr-05 12:59:31

You could try but don't hold out much hope. Think you'd have had more chance if it had been realised before the shopping went in the car , but then it wouldn't have affected your buggy.

JanH Fri 01-Apr-05 13:01:09

When I worked at Sains we paid to have a boot valeted when a milk bottle leaked, but that was a definite failure of the seal on the top of the bottle.

I think Asda should take some responsibility - try emailing their Customer Services and see if they're more helpful.

paolosgirl Fri 01-Apr-05 13:01:38

How annoying .I would imagine that if you have a case it would be with the manufacturer - but it would be very difficult to prove. Could you claim off your household insurance?

JanH Fri 01-Apr-05 13:02:00

NB Car boot, not wellie

morningpaper Fri 01-Apr-05 13:03:39

Paolosgirls is right - your house insurance should cover it!

WideWebWitch Fri 01-Apr-05 13:04:24

But it won't be worth claiming if your excess or no claims bonus/discount is over £80

morningpaper Fri 01-Apr-05 13:05:59

I've never heard of no claims bonus with house insurance? I thought you could claim as much as you like?

SoupDragon Fri 01-Apr-05 13:06:30

The fault would lie with the manufacturer, not the store though. I am surprised that the store hasn't done anything at all but I do actually think it's just bad luck on your part. I do tend to make sure that bottles of stuff are uprght when I'm transporting them.

Socci Fri 01-Apr-05 13:06:45

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Fri 01-Apr-05 13:06:59

I think we've got one but I could be totally wrong mp, I have just lazily renewed without checking the small print!

Socci Fri 01-Apr-05 13:07:43

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Fri 01-Apr-05 13:08:21

This is very interesting though, to see where people feel the responsibility line lies!

paolosgirl Fri 01-Apr-05 13:09:20

Was the bottle faulty though? Or was the top just not on properly?

Socci Fri 01-Apr-05 13:10:09

Message withdrawn

JanH Fri 01-Apr-05 13:11:26

The shop would be responsible if there is an outside responsibility - they would then have to turn to manufacturer to reimburse them.

WideWebWitch Fri 01-Apr-05 13:12:03

Yes socci but isn't this like saying the faulty computer works but damaged a disk bought elsewhere?

Snugs Fri 01-Apr-05 13:14:03

In our Asda, bleach is on too high a shelf for a child to have opened bottle, so bit of a cop out excuse on their part I think. Plus checkout staff have a habit of checking lids on those type of products.

Really not sure who should take responsibility.

(daylight again Badger - getting to be a bit of a habit )

Bearess Fri 01-Apr-05 13:15:08

I have had a shirt ruined in Sainsburys by a bottle of bleach which was leaking, I didn't realise until I noticed my black shirt had nice orange streaks down it! They said to buy a new one, then I went into the store with the receipt and they gave me the cash back and took the old shirt too. With that in mind I think Asda should be liable.

BadgerBadger Fri 01-Apr-05 13:18:31

I'm sorry cod, thanks for your opinion , just a semantic moment (which I'm prone to when naffed off!).

I'll check our house insurance, it hadn't crossed my mind.

I've warned DH that it may well turn out to be his, rather than ASDA's responsibility, therefore he may well find himself forking out for a new buggy in the near future .

I still feel it's theirs though...... I'll take the bleach and the buggy to ASDA in a while, the lady on the phone was irritatingly dismissive and evasive (I suppose she has to be....but still!)

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