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Shows in London - Help wanted please

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crystaltips Tue 25-Mar-03 21:47:06

I am treating a few members of my family to a show in London and a meal before/afterwards.
I don't live locally and am not sure what's the best thing to do.
There is a range of age-groups. 2 grand parents, 4 thirty somethings and 2 kids ( aged 7 and 9 ).
What would you suggest ?
And more to the point can you recommend a cheap avenue to purchase all this.
Tall order - I know - but fingers crossed!

miriamw Tue 25-Mar-03 22:18:42

We went to see the Lion King a couple of weeks ago - absolutely fantastic, and I think that your age range would all love it. It is near Covent Garen, and there are a range of eateries in the area (incl TGI Fridays, Cafe Rouge). However it can be hard to get tickets at short notice, as it is booking out to September/October. We got tickets from - not cheap, but tickets are hard to get without booking months ahead. You may be able to find cheaper esp for a larger group.

Joseph would probably also fit the bill, and is a good show. I've also heard good things about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but haven't seen it myself. I enjoyed Grease, but not sure what the kids would make of it.

You could also search on the ticketmaster website to see what else might be on.

Crunchie Wed 26-Mar-03 14:27:56

If you can do midweek you may manage to get tickets nearer the time, or try

I agree Lion King is brilliant, I adore live theatre and go all the time, this overawed me with it's fantastic mix of costumes and puppets.

It will cost uou though, the theatre tickets could be as much as £35 each!

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