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I've just smuggled a bottle of wine past my mother.....

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handlemecarefully Thu 31-Mar-05 21:53:28

She is staying for a few days because she will be looking after dd and ds over the weekend whilst we attend a wedding.

Last night after I had drunk two bottles of budweiser, she said with her customary Yorkshire directness:

"You haven't been drinking those have you - first sign of alcoholism that; needing a drink every day"

So this evening with a certain amount of stealth, I put a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill, and after about an hour really fancied a glass, so I have smuggled it from the kitchen, past the living room (where mum was watching 'The Bill' or other such high brow stuff - bless 'er) in the laundry basket - cunning disguise eh?

However haven't got any wine glasses up here in the spare bedroom, so have had to decant some wine into an empty coke can - as somehow that appeared more appropriate than swigging direct from the bottle.

Not having a go about my mum - she's a love (although says the wrong thing sometimes), but am now wondering if I am a total lush

JoolsToo Thu 31-Mar-05 21:54:27

not a lush - just a coward

motherinferior Thu 31-Mar-05 21:55:06

Alcohol is essential to survive one's parents.

A message I hope the Inferiorettes do not pick up.

Caligula Thu 31-Mar-05 21:55:16

I've been tempted to do that on occasion!

My DM is of the "anymore than a small glass of dry sherry at christmas and you've got serious alcohol problems" persuasion.

helsi Thu 31-Mar-05 21:55:58

how old are you? LOL - this has made me giggle. You are in your own home too. Gosh how our mums still influence us. My dad does that with my mum. He has a stash of tinnies in his greenhouse-amazing how often his plants need watering.

motherinferior Thu 31-Mar-05 21:56:04

A glass of orange juice with a large gin concealed within has got me through more than once.

sallystrawberry Thu 31-Mar-05 21:56:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sansouci Thu 31-Mar-05 21:56:38

LOL! Yes, you are a lush. Welcome to the club, handlemecarefully.

JanH Thu 31-Mar-05 21:57:14

Welcome to the lush club, hmc!

Katemum Thu 31-Mar-05 21:57:41

I am sorry but you really made me laugh, I needed that!

lavenderrr Thu 31-Mar-05 21:58:23

lol, tis funny

sansouci Thu 31-Mar-05 21:58:29

I must confess I once got through a particularly dreadful job by regularly spiking glasses of orange juice from the caf with vodka left over from an office party.

handlemecarefully Thu 31-Mar-05 21:58:54

Must admit, mum's tipple is half a shandy twice a year and a generous glass of Baileys at Christmas, so I suppose it isn't difficult to seem like a hardened drinker by her yardstick...

sansouci Thu 31-Mar-05 21:59:42

I did eventually get sacked, but for another reason. I think.

handlemecarefully Thu 31-Mar-05 22:02:56

Sansouci at drinking on the job - and you said on another thread that you thought you might be stuffy. I think not young lady! I bet you got the sack for photocopying your bum.

sansouci Thu 31-Mar-05 22:04:20

Nope, bum's too big! I am a bit of a contradiction, it's true.

moondog Thu 31-Mar-05 22:08:28

Bless hmc!!
You do need a nice glass however. It just aint the same without one!
Reminds me of my Presbyterian Staffs grandmother (they weren't allowed cards in their house when young!) who said to me one day in a grim voice when I was about 19, sitting innocently in her front room one morning reading a magazine...

'You won't find the answer in a PUB you know!!'


handlemecarefully Thu 31-Mar-05 22:18:38


The only problem with drinking it from an empty coke can is that it is hard to assess how much you have cosnmed, consmed, consumed!

hewlettsdaughter Thu 31-Mar-05 22:43:42


cod Thu 31-Mar-05 22:44:19

Message withdrawn

LGJ Thu 31-Mar-05 22:44:31


You have me laugh out loud.

handlemecarefully Thu 31-Mar-05 22:46:08

Yep still in Landford. Where were you off to then when driving through? Anywhere interesting?

cod Thu 31-Mar-05 22:46:30

Message withdrawn

cod Thu 31-Mar-05 22:46:58

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Thu 31-Mar-05 22:52:33

No, not often - the cakes are stale. And the bread not much cop either. But the staff are very nice - went in there once with a bad cough and the lady went to fetch me some 'fishermens friends' throat lozenges.

I'm in Landford - but not on that particular road. On the A36 at the top end (still classed as Landford)

Do you ever take the kids to the Central Library in Salisbury, or visit Wilton House? - we might have crossed in the street before....

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