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How should I address a Canon (vicar not the printer!!)

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Enid Thu 31-Mar-05 18:20:13

I need to reply to an email from a Canon Eric Woods.

Do I say Dear Canon Eric Woods, or Eric Woods or Mr Woods - arrgh - any etiquette savvy netters out there?

WigWamBam Thu 31-Mar-05 18:22:26

This is what Debretts says:

CORRESPONDENCE: On the envelope, "The Rev Canon [John Smith]". Commencement, "Dear Canon", or "Dear Canon [Smith]". On retirement from office he reverts to the style of other clergy unless he has been appointed a Canon Emeritus.

Enid Thu 31-Mar-05 18:23:39

oh fab.

So it should be "Dear Canon Woods," you think?

WigWamBam Thu 31-Mar-05 18:24:34

I'd say so, yes.

Twiglett Thu 31-Mar-05 18:26:42

Dear Canon

I am writing to express my admiration at your constant ability to print within the lines

Yours sincerely



Enid Thu 31-Mar-05 18:28:11

No Dear Canon Woods if you please Twig

Twiglett Thu 31-Mar-05 18:29:07

I feel I am on quite personal terms with my printer thank you very much Enid

especially after some of the photos I've had it printing fnarr fnarr

Enid Thu 31-Mar-05 18:36:34

Thank you very much WWB

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