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Had some really sad news

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marthamoo Thu 31-Mar-05 10:53:32

There are a group of five of us who met at ante-natal classes - the babies are all 3 now. We've become good friends over the past three years. One of us is a single Mum and a year ago she met a lovely man, with two children. His wife had died of cancer a year previously. I met him at another one of the five's wedding - last November and they are so happy together - all the children get on and it's working really well. His daughter had leukaemia when she was 6, but had been in remission for four years. About 8 weeks ago it came back - she died on Easter Sunday. She was 10.

My children have been driving me mad this week - but I just gave them both a massive hug and told them how much I love them. Puts it all into perspective really, doesn't it?

misdee Thu 31-Mar-05 10:54:38

Titania Thu 31-Mar-05 10:55:07

it certainly makes you hug your children very tightly and love them even more. Life is precious. Poor family and poor little girl. {{{HUGS}}}

mummytosteven Thu 31-Mar-05 10:55:49

that's so sad MM. life can be so unfair sometimes.

ScummyMummy Thu 31-Mar-05 10:55:59

How awful, moo.

Mothernature Thu 31-Mar-05 10:56:41

Twiglett Thu 31-Mar-05 10:57:45

that is very sad Moo

emmatmg Thu 31-Mar-05 11:11:05

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Thu 31-Mar-05 11:12:56

Spacecadet Thu 31-Mar-05 11:14:13

god that it so sad, my friends daughter has been battling luekemia since she was 3 , she is now 9, 2 years ago, it reeturned and her only hope was a bone marrow transplant, she had that in December 2003 and continues to make good progress however we are all painfully aware of thefact that it could return, even now.

marthamoo Thu 31-Mar-05 11:16:21

It's just awful isn't it? Some people just seem to come in for far more than their fair share while others kind of breeze through life. He's lost his wife and dd in the space of two years. Also thinking of his poor ds who has lost his Mum and his sister. Very, very sad.

Kayleigh Thu 31-Mar-05 11:48:28

oh marthamoo, that is so sad

bonym Thu 31-Mar-05 11:55:24

So sad

joash Thu 31-Mar-05 11:57:49

Blu Thu 31-Mar-05 12:14:26

Desparately cruel. Poor family.

suedonim Thu 31-Mar-05 13:02:03

What a tragedy.

WideWebWitch Thu 31-Mar-05 13:02:57

How tragic

blueteddy Thu 31-Mar-05 13:03:34

How terrible

mears Thu 31-Mar-05 13:15:14

Heartbreaking for them

Toothache Thu 31-Mar-05 13:23:32

So so cruel and heartbreaking.

piffle Thu 31-Mar-05 13:38:44

that is so sad, precious babies indeed...

champs Thu 31-Mar-05 18:31:38

Hulababy Thu 31-Mar-05 18:37:41

So sad

Yorkiegirl Thu 31-Mar-05 18:38:38

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Thu 31-Mar-05 18:38:53

How horribly sad It's just not fair, is it?

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