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On-line tax return - am I the only silly s*d to mess it up?

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janh Tue 25-Mar-03 12:00:02

I completed DH's on-line form last September and when it came up with a tax owing calculation at the end I assumed (very foolishly!) that it had been sent.

We had a letter from the IR earlier in the year saying they hadn't had it - I assumed (even more foolishly!) that this was a communications error, but there were 2 details on the return that needed correction anyway, so DH rang them - he was supposed to confirm that they had had the on-line form and I don't think he did (didn't write it down...) but he did give the person he spoke to the 2 corrected figures (one of them was DS2's birthdate, how shaming) and she didn't say "but we haven't had the form" - did say "put it in writing" but he forgot.

Now we have had a further letter saying that we have to pay a £100 penalty for late filing. DH rang the IR again today and was told they hadn't received it but that "a lot of people have been confused by the on-line service". I went back to the internet site and there was the form still waiting to be *submitted*. I have done it now...

I am a bit cross because it should have been clear to the person he first spoke to that something wasn't right - I don't think people would normally ring the tax office to give them one figure and a birthdate if they hadn't actually submitted the form? I could have gone back to check then if she'd told him it wasn't there.

susanmt Tue 25-Mar-03 13:37:54

What a pain, janh! We got the £100 penalty letter today because the accountant submitted dh's form a day late. Guess where that is going .......!

janh Tue 25-Mar-03 22:00:54

Thanks, susan - looks like I *am* the only silly sod here (apart from your accountant, who doesn't count - what a berk though!!!)

prufrock Wed 26-Mar-03 19:21:34

I didn't mess mine up - but only because I took one look at the website and got my paper version out instead. If it makes you feel better one of my colleagues did exactly the same as you.

janh Thu 27-Mar-03 14:36:19

Thanks, prufrock, yes, it makes me feel a *lot* better!

SoupDragon Thu 27-Mar-03 14:43:57

Last year, DH had to queue up at the tax office with his tax calculation at 6pm on the closing date (having already missed the date to have it calculated by the tax office). This year, he still missed the date to have the tax calculated but did manage to file it, onine, with a day to spare.

He's a management consultant in the finance sector.

Janh, I agree, the woman should have said "but we don't have your form" when your DH phoned.

janh Fri 02-May-03 11:28:20


(Can this be right? From the dreaded Inland Revenue?))

I returned the form that came with the notification of the £100 fine and had a good whinge on it about how confusing and misleading the on-line form was and that we shouldn't have to pay the fine because it wasn't our fault, wasn't fair, etc etc and blow me, they have cancelled it!

(On the other hand am totally baffled about childrens tax credit, there is a tax credit on our bank statement but it's for £18.77 or something...where's me forty quid? )

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