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EEKKK!!! I just put the house on the market today.

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Spacecadet Wed 30-Mar-05 21:02:45

Dont know if Im in right frame of mind having had a tough few weeks and a lot of heartache but finally decided to put our house on the market as it is too small really, wondering whether to move into reented when its sold and look for a house at our leisure or look for a house now, it all seems so bloody stressful, god have I done the right thing?

KBear Wed 30-Mar-05 21:14:08

Well you've done it so go for it!! I remember that OH MY GOD feeling but once you've been through the stress of the first viewers you'll be fine! Get off MN and get tidying up!!

Spacecadet Wed 30-Mar-05 21:16:17

have been!!! started decorating ds1 bedroom so it looks presentable, for viewers, luckily the estate agent said we had a v saleable house, god wander how quickly it will sell??

Mirage Wed 30-Mar-05 21:53:10

Good luck Spacecadet.Ours sold to the 1st people who viewed it-we had expected it to take months-it took 4 days.

Have you found a new house?

Stargazer Wed 30-Mar-05 21:56:08

Good luck Spacecadet - we're having our house decorated (just magnolia) and new carpets in order to help the saleability of our house. Once all this is finished ours will be on the market - May (all being well) and I'd love to sell it to the first viewer, but I have a feeling it's going to take a while

mummytosteven Wed 30-Mar-05 21:57:37

best of luck with the house sale! have a go at crystal ball gazing as to whether property prices round your way are going to go down significantly when deciding whether to rent or buy straight away. I would be tempted tho to get it all done in one fell swoop, rather than have 2 lots of hassle.

Spacecadet Wed 30-Mar-05 22:00:39

no not yet Mirage, we have seen one we like and I am going to arrange a viewing, we have also arranged a viewing ofa reantal house in case we dont find anything, the stress of moving with 4 kidsdoesnt appeal but we are overcrowded, dd2 is in acot in our room, luckily she is only 8 months but it cant be forever. Stargazer, I redecorated before having dd2 all neutral colours and we had new, but not expensive carpets fitted, I think it helps if people think they can just move in and put their furniture out and not have to decorate for a while.

Spacecadet Wed 30-Mar-05 22:02:09

Mts, the estate agent reckoned that prices will start falling soon, so not sure,at least if you move into rented you are not part of a chain are you.

Lonelymum Wed 30-Mar-05 22:07:03

If you move into rented, it gets you out of the chain problem that is often the ruin of many a house sale.

Don't worry too much about having put your house on the market: ours has been on for a month and we have only had one viewer (though admittedly they have been three times and seem keen). The housing market seems really slow at the moment.

joash Wed 30-Mar-05 22:07:41

Best of luck with the sale - hope all goes well! . Ours shold be on the market by the end of next week and the agents reckon it'll sell very quickly (they're supposed to have a waiting list for our area) - so it looks like we'll be goind into rented until we move in the summer. Worth it to know that the house is gone though.

Spacecadet Wed 30-Mar-05 22:09:35

I thought you had already moved lonelymum?I just think it would be easier to move into a rental property andwait till the housewe want comes along, also we will be in a stronger buying posistion..I hope?

Lonelymum Wed 30-Mar-05 22:14:25

Yes SC we have moved - into a rented house. We are left trying to sell our house. Hopefully will sell and find something new to buy before August when dh's company stop paying our rent. I am fascinated that anyone has been told their house should sell quickly. Round our area, the housing market seems absolutely stagnant.

Spacecadet Thu 31-Mar-05 09:52:05

Where did you move to Lonelymum? The estate agent said that this time of year people can pick and choose as there are plenty of houses on the market, but we are not in a hurry to move, I think we will go for rented, I dont mind if its only a temp soloution.

Lonelymum Thu 31-Mar-05 15:18:23

We are near to Bristol now Spacecadet. We didn't have any choice in that dh needed to start work immediately and work generously offered to pay our rent for 6 months, but even if that hadn't been the case, we would probably have rented before buying as that gets you out of the chain situation and allows you to take your time and get the right house. You won't be moving out of the area you are in though will you?

Spacecadet Thu 31-Mar-05 18:42:14

We will be moving out of the area, lonelymum, as dd1 goes to an out of catchment secondary scholl and ds1 has got in there for september, so it makes sense to head that way.

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