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Would you pay for someone to cater your kids parties

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TwinSetAndPearls Wed 30-Mar-05 17:03:04

I am known amongst friends as a good cook, in particular when it comes to baking. For dd birthday's which have been quite big affairs I have done all the cooking and decorated the cakes and have done the same for friends. I keep being told I should go into business doing cakes and catering. At my dd last party our entertainer approached me and said I could easily make a living from catering.

I have done some research on the internet and there are no caterers locally who specialise in catering for kids parties. I would do all homemade, no processed foods, novelty cut sandwiches, decorated cupcakes , sausage hedgehogs, jelly boats etc and theme the food if it was required. I thought that thanks to Jamie Oliver there may be a swing away from mc donalds parties or a wacky wharehouse do with burgers and coke. Would you pay for this service and if so how much?

thankyou in advance!!!

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 30-Mar-05 17:03:38

ps am not touting for business! Don't want to get into trouble!

deegward Wed 30-Mar-05 17:09:34

Yes and no, do all that kind of stuff myself, but I think when it gets to ds2 (now only 2) having big parties yes I would pay, as long as the cost out weighed the hassle IYSWIM.

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 30-Mar-05 18:35:06

Thanks for the feedback. I have noticed that catering is expensive but as kids eat less it would cost less to feed them than a traditional buffet. However the time and effort factor on my behalf is quite high so have to factor that in.

Blu Wed 30-Mar-05 18:46:05

My Mum did freelance catering - don't underestimate the time and impact on your house - that's what bumps up the cost, not the cost of ingredients. And party food is quite fiddly to prepare.
But in the right area I'm sure there would be a market for it.

ks Wed 30-Mar-05 18:47:37

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Wed 30-Mar-05 18:47:52

no, I wouldn't pay

TBH party food is fun to make and really not much effort at all

I am sure some parents would pay for novelty cakes (but I also like having a stab at those myself)

Twiglett Wed 30-Mar-05 18:48:17

I would pay for someone to come in and serve it all up / tidy it all away though

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 30-Mar-05 18:53:26

I understand twiglett as I love doing it myslef as well and always feel quite proud when I look at what I have achieved.

But not everyone does enjoy doing it.

I am sure it would affect my house once I got going, although I do stuff for my friends kids parties for free quite a lot anyway, as we are broke just thought I might as well get paid if someone valued my services enough.

flashingnose Wed 30-Mar-05 18:59:03

What about specialising in cakes? Either novelty Birthday ones or more grown up wedding or special occasion type ones? There is definitely a market and it would probably have less impact on your house (and your time at weekends). I was truly amazed to find out how much people charge for wedding cakes for example.

littlerach Wed 30-Mar-05 19:43:15

Friend of mine does this, and does speciality cakes. She really enjoys it, and seems to make some money from it!

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 30-Mar-05 20:38:45

I have thought about doing just cakes, I just thought there was a gap in the market. There are quite a few people around here doing cakes and I would struggle to beat their prices so would be matching them. I thought offering food as well would be a way to attract customers. I also know that if you go to Lytham or the nicer bits of the fylde parents go bonkers on birthday parties and I could tap into this market.

My Mum decorates cakes proffessionally and hers are so much better than mine that it makes me reluctant to rely on them as a sole income. I am practising at the moment to improve my skills, I have been doing cakes for friends and charging them just cost price. Having said that everyone has been pleased with their cakes and has said they would pay far more than I have charged.

Little Rach glad to hear my idea is not impossible. I am not looking to make laods of money just a bit here and there, holiday and treat money.

I was thinking a kids buffet for about £3 - £3.50 a head to include novelty sandwiches, sausage hedgehogs, cheese and pineapple crocodiles, sausage rolls, crudites and dips fairy cakes and jelly boats. I don't think that is much more than a happy meal. Having checked with local catering companies I have struggled to find anything under £4 to £4.50 a head and that isn't food aimed at children.

When I did dd third birthday I spent £50 on food and we had thirty children plus parents and the spread was fantastic with loads to spare so the above price should be do able.

ionesmum Wed 30-Mar-05 21:08:21

I loathe cooking so would consider using this sort of thing once my dds are older i.e. primary age. But definitely agree there's probably more mileage in the cakes idea - after all there are so many occasions where cakes are needed. A friend of mine does huge ones and tiny ones that are just enough for one - she even did a replica of her village church and raffled it, which got her in the local paper, along with her phone number! She sells through farmers markets and word of mouth.

ionesmum Wed 30-Mar-05 21:09:55

Just re-read your post and if you feel there's a market for your party food in your area then give it a go!

Tommy Wed 30-Mar-05 21:34:10

I think this is the sort of thing that people would go for these days - would have been unheard of a few years ago but I think if you were organising a party for a group of children - say hiring a hall for 2 or 3 friends' birthdays - then catering would be ideal - especially since you say you would be doing more healthy stuff.
Good luck

handlemecarefully Wed 30-Mar-05 21:38:06

Yes would definitely pay. Life too busy as it is.

Kibby Wed 30-Mar-05 21:52:32

I would definitley pay for this and know lots of epople who would too - I wouldn't charge per head tho because children don't eat the same amounts , I'd charge for set amounts ie.for 20 children it' £50 or whatever , for 30 children it's £60, firstly you have call offs on the day and it's just a more attractive figure when it's rounded. i also think you could offer themed party bags as well cuttung the cake up at the end and putting it into bag - I think you're onto a winner

JanH Wed 30-Mar-05 21:54:47

Somebody else posted along these lines a few weeks ago - here - inconclusive response so I don't know what she decided!

manutd Wed 30-Mar-05 22:57:13

where do I sign?

TwinSetAndPearls Thu 31-Mar-05 11:52:45

Kibby, The idea of charging set amouts is a good idea, I had worked it out per child hust to make sure I was charging enough to cover my costs and based on what I had needed for previous events.

I also like the idea of themed party bags as I ahve done some really good party bags devoid of all the junk that they normally get. Dp also suggested doing craft parties as I hold them for my dd and her friends and also run mother and toddler groups, I just want to concentrate on one thing though.

I will look for the other post JanH, hope we are not in the same area or it will be pistols on the promenade!

Annabel Karmel et al - watch out!

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