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Buy a new boiler or repair exsisting, I really am not sure.

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jellyjelly Thu 08-Jan-09 19:09:17

I own my own home, not rich at all.

The heating/hot water has broken down. I have paid 300 a couple of years ago for a board. The same has happened again. I have paid out 150 today. He says it is going to be about the same again for a fix. Have seen the price on line for a part and it is as he says.

He has said as its an old boiler maybe best to buy new. Actually i asked earlier on his second visit how much one would be and he said about 1k. The third visit he said we could sort something out. My boiler is well over 10yrs old. Have been here for 7 so far.

He is coming back to me tomorrow with a price. but what do you all think. Pay just another 150 and not know if it will break again or buy a new boiler?

MakemineaGandT Thu 08-Jan-09 19:20:40

If you can afford it I'd go for a new one - in the long run it'll pay for itself by being more fuel efficient, and your servicing/repair bills will be less

You may be entitled to a gov grant too

skramblenotdieting Thu 08-Jan-09 19:22:39

Any info on the grants, only ones I could find seemed to be for over 60's. My boiler is dead and also told better to get a new one than to nurse this one through. I was quoted £700 for a basic boiler fitted.

DeborahBorr Thu 08-Jan-09 19:23:57

What make is it?

jellyjelly Thu 08-Jan-09 19:29:34

You can get grants for low income ie tax credits etc but you have to wait 3 months

skramblenotdieting Thu 08-Jan-09 19:33:51

Any idea where I can get more info on this?

jellyjelly Thu 08-Jan-09 19:36:38

what the grants? If you go onto your local council website it should be under energy efficency or staying warm someting to do with heating etc.

The grants differ region by region. mine was that i had to get the boiler condemed then wait for about 3 months. I cant wait.

skramblenotdieting Thu 08-Jan-09 19:44:25

Thanks I will try looking again.

skramblenotdieting Thu 08-Jan-09 19:47:36

I checked, def just for the over 60's.

jellyjelly Thu 08-Jan-09 20:04:47

it might be worth asking though because of the stuff that is available.

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